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Apple Picking at Oak Glen Apple Orchard

Go apple picking at Oak Glen apple orchard! There are many fruits you can pick year round plus activities and restaurants too at Riley’s Farm in SoCal.

Rileys Farm

If you’ve heard of Oak Glen apple orchard, or otherwise known as Riley’s Farm, but have never been the kids love it (we do too). There is something about a tiny town with a rustic feel that we will drive for miles around to get to. (originally published 5/17)

The buildings are left in their original state, people are dressed as they would’ve been in the Little House on the Prairie days, and there are LOTS of places to pick fresh fruits and pumpkins in Oct.!

You can find a schedule for fruit, flower and pumpkin seasons at Riley’s Farm on their site. They offer a schedule for summertime activities and camps they are have there too. Blackberry picking starts in August too!

Rileys Farm

Apple picking season starts in October, and pumpkins too, it is a must do….info. below.

As you drive up the windy road there begins to be apple orchard after apple orchard inviting you in to pick straight off of their trees. Choose which orchard you prefer, get out, and meander about with the bag.

Oak Glen apple orchard

Oak Glen Farms

Remember they charge per pound and it isn’t cheap so bear that in mind. They give you to choose the type of apples you like. They offer many varieties of apples at Oak Glen apple orchard and those you will find even before you reach the actual town of Oak Glen too.

You can spend time picking just the right apples to bring home to make apple pie, jam, or just eat them as is. If you choose you can visit the apple press on site and they will turn your fresh picked apples into apple cider!

Not just the modern way but with an old fashioned machine! You can watch them do it right then and there.

Riley's farm

Oak Glen Apple Picking

It is pretty fun! There are a few down home country restaurants there too. Meals served will remind you of what your Grandmother made + serving up their deliciously fresh apple pie.

When you reach the actual town of Oak Glen there are boutique shops and more. It is great to pack a picnic lunch, pick some apples, eat, and then top it off with their apple pie!

It is a great day trip. They even have a little zoo up there! If you’re coming from a bit further there are lodging and camping facilities nearby.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.