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Martin Luther King Jr Coloring Page

6 Free Martin Luther King Jr Coloring Pages for kids are here to choose from. Color by number that are easy for Kindergarten age or older.

Martin Luther King Jr Coloring Page

We have a great Martin Luther King Jr coloring page for you here. In fact they are really MLK color by number pages which makes them even more fun. Free holiday printables for the classroom or home save you money and add fun to the group of kids every time. (affiliate links present)

We have 14 of these different color by number free printables here as well as others on our site. This is specific to this special day. If you are looking for others in this style, che

Color Martin Luther King Jr

Yes there is a profile page amongst the others as well as arms intertwining, the word peace and a dove. You can choose to print them all, or a specific one. Either way if you’re looking for MLK printables these are great to grab a few.

If you have never found or used anything like this and are unfamiliar with how to print printables at home I have a screenshot for you below. After you grab and use them you will be hooked and sure to come back for more. When I was a Teacher I loved resources like this. You can be a parent looking for winter activities for kids too though.

color martin luther king jr

Martin Luther King Coloring Page

If you are looking for the classic page that clearly encompasses this holiday, page 5 would be the one. You can see it above with this face. You can use this to celebrate and/or explain Black History month, Civil rights movement, and who this great man was.

peace color by number

Martin Luther King Color by Number

Other Martin Luther King Jr Day activities can include:

  1. Best MLK book for kids is here
  2. This is a very in depth Black History month activity book. You could photo copy the pages you want if you are a Teacher and use them in the classroom, or it’s a great Middle School homeschool resource.

If you wanted to buy a larger coloring book I found another one here too. You could do the same, photocopy for more than one copies of the pages you like.

martin luther king printables

Time needed: 5 minutes

Martin Luther King Jr Printables

  1. Print

    Click on our link for Martin Luther King Printables here and choose how many sets you would like. There are 6 free pages available. If you click the printer icon on the top right of that page that pops up all of them will print.
    If you only want a particular one then click file on the top left of your computer screen, then on pages click custom, and on the box below that designate which of the pages you want to print. Then you can note how many of those pages you want.

  2. Color

    There are 8 other Martin Luther King color by number sheets you can look at and print out as well.

how to print a printable

Martin Luther King Color by Number

Next month you might want to take advantage of our Valentines Day color by number pages too. They feature addition and multiplication problems on them.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.