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Knott’s Berry Farm New Year’s Eve

Knott’s Berry Farm New Year’s Eve celebration and what Knott’s has to offer on this special day each year. Great shows and fireworks.


How do you celebrate the upcoming New Year?? We celebrated at Knott’s Berry Farm New Year’s Eve celebration this year with our kids and it was a lot of fun! Along with all the fun that comes with Knott’s Merry Farm are other special events just for this day. Special thanks goes out to Gigasavvy for sponsoring this post.

New Years Eve Knott’s Berry Farm

If you’ve never been to Knott’s during Merry Farm there are tons of fun holiday celebrations, shows, and decorations there.

It goes on from the end of November thru the beginning of January. Even after Christmas Day it is fun to hear all the holiday music played throughout the park.

You can see special shows, and all of this is still available on New Year’s Eve as well. Take a peek at a Knott’s Berry Farm video here to start.

Knotts Berry Farm

Here are a few questions you might have:

January Knott’s Berry Farm

Is Knott’s Berry Farm busy on New Years Eve?

I wouldn’t say it is the busiest we have ever seen. Summertime is of course the busiest time of year for sure. It is nice now because it is cool weather and lines are a bit shorter than normal.

Is Knotts open on New Years?

I don’t know of a day that they are actually closed. There are lots of great new events offered when the new year turns that are unlike any other time of year.

Does Knotts do fireworks?

Yes. During Fourth of July, some summer nights and New Years eve they typically have a fireworks display.

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Knotts Berry Farm Camp snoopy

Knott’s Berry Farm New Year’s Eve Shows

Of course when you visit Knott’s Berry Farm at any time throughout the year you have to ride the classics.

Like the log ride and the big train! We knew our little ones probably wouldn’t be able to make it to the fireworks at midnight but we still wanted to hit as many rides as possible.

We love Voyage to the Iron Reef and all the fun ones for them at Camp Snoopy. We had been during Merry Farm a month or so earlier but hadn’t seen the Christmas Time is here Charlie Brown show. We made sure to see that this time before it went away until next year….here’s a peek!


I have also posted several fun videos that are live on Periscope when I’m at Knott’s. Please follow me there at thetypical_mom! There are fun shows on other stages as well and they’re fun when the sun goes down.

During Knott’s Berry Farm New Year’s Eve celebrations they pass out hats and horns to celebrate the New Year.

There are also great fireworks at midnight! Maybe a few years my little ones will make it to the fireworks but even though we were in bed by 10p.m. it was a fun way to celebrate the upcoming year as a family!

If you’d like to enjoy Knott’s Berry Farm year round and go to their New Year’s celebration next year you can still grab season passes at a great price!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.