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Free Printable Kitchen Measurement Conversion

Kitchen measurement conversion PDF printable chart is here to help you know just how many tablespoons or cups to add into your recipe so you get it just right. kitchen measurement conversion printable

This kitchen measurement conversion printable takes the guesswork out of your questions for you. Just print it out, keep it in your drawer and take it out when you’re not sure how much of this or that to add. Laminate it and keep it handy on your kitchen cabinet. (affiliate links present, originally published 7/18)

Free Kitchen Measurement Conversion Chart PDF

We have answered the question of How Many Ounces of Meat in a Pound but occasionally when I bake I find a recipe I like that says something like 3 oz but I am not sure how much of a cup that is. When you are dealing with ingredients I think it is easier to know just how many tsp, tbsp, or portions of a cup you need. Skip the kitchen scale and we’ll help you convert cups and spoons you need.

Kitchen Measurement Conversion Printable

Whether you need to measure liquid ingredients but not sure how much is in half of what is needed in the recipe, or how many tbsp in a cup this is helpful to have on hand. Yes you can weigh it out and it is more accurate than just measuring cups and spoons but rarely would I go that far.

Printable Kitchen Conversion Chart

Printable Kitchen Conversion Chart

This chocolate chip cookie in a mug recipe is one of our favorites that we make pretty often! It’s a fun one to make because it’s quick, serves one, and the kids think it’s a fun mug recipe that’s just for them. You only need measuring spoons mainly for that one. Measuring tools would come in half to half or double it though.

This works when you are measuring dry ingredients like flour or fluid ounces with measuring cups. Other things you should remember when it comes to accuracy is whether your ingredients should be packed (like brown sugar) or gently spooned in as when measuring flour correctly.

I can’t be the only one who has had to Google how many teaspoons in 1/3 cup, or something like that. Honestly I was done doing that and took the time to create this kitchen measurements printable

how to measure flour

Kitchen Conversion Chart

I have come up with another resource that may come in handy for y’all too, it’s how to half a recipe of really any kind. This one was created during the holidays when we were all alone one year, wanted our favorite dishes but needed to split cooking measurements by 2 so we made less.

I had to look up things like how many tbsp in half 1/4 cup and other baking measurements that I just wrote them down so I could create another chart to share for that one.

What is your favorite thing to make at home and whether this free conversion table helped you out? If you love this feel free to check out all of our other free printables like our printable measuring tape, word searches and more on The Typical Mom. We hope those are helpful too!

Have fun and keep cooking. 😉

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Sunday 8th of December 2019

Thank you for the helpful information.

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