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Healthy Snacks for Kids

How to make cute healthy snacks for kids. Make lunch and snack time fun for kids with these tips and ideas on how to make creative sandwiches at home.

Healthy snacks for kids

I have 3 active kids who are always hungry when they get home from School. I want them to have something they will love but is good for them too. If you are like me and looking for healthy snacks for kids, here are some FUN sandwich ideas using peanut butter and lots of other good for you ingredients. 😉 Special thanks goes out to my friend Lynda for this guest post, you can find more of her food creations here on Instagram at homeschooling_fun_with_food. 😉

I have done fun lunch ideas for kids , but thought this one should focus on peanut butter and jelly….since a lot of kids love them. 

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First things first.

Healthy snacks for kids

If you want something warm, air fryer snacks are great. For kids though, let’s start with some fun shall we. Here’s a great way to incorporate some fruit and veggies with your peanut butter sandwich!

fun thanksgiving sandwich

Fun Sandwich Ideas

I don’t know about you but my kids are fairly adventurous eaters now that they have gotten a bit older. We make sure to have a veggie every night on their plate and although at first.

They said they didn’t like them they now say “yeah” when I say we are having broccoli or cheese pie (quiche) for dinner. One of their favorite things to eat is sushi…..seriously!

Here is a fun way to use peanut butter to make “sushi”. 😉

Sushi sandwich

A great idea at Easter time….or whenever really. Here is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with fruits and carrot sticks in the shape of a bunny.

Easter Sandwich

cute sandwiches

Your kids love fish….make an open faced peanut butter and banana sandwich with bananas and blueberries. I even like this one!

A large heart and small heart make up the fish body and tail…open faced sandwiches are fun.

Fish sandwich

Now that the holidays are coming up think of things that will make them smile like this reindeer sandwich!

Use a heart cookie cutter for the face and arrange the crust at the top.

Reindeer Sandwich

Reindeer sandwich

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.