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Fun Lunch Ideas for Kids

It’s almost time for school to start again! This means many things to this busy Mom of 3……shopping for new clothes, practicing skills from last year, and going grocery shopping for items to make 15 school lunches a week! Yes, in our family we bring our lunch to school….even in High School. 😉 To break up the monotony I always try to come up with fun lunch ideas for kids so they are excited when they open their lunchbox each day.  Special thanks goes out to Foster Farms for sponsoring this post so we could share some of our favorites with you!

fun lunch ideas for kids

Fun lunch ideas for kids

Of course creating FUN lunchtime ideas isn’t just for school time, we love creating new ideas during the summer and taking them with us on our adventures too. 😉 To create these fun lunchtime meals will need the basics. My kids love plain turkey and cheese sandwiches so I start there and get creative. It is important to us that our kids eat all natural foods (I’m sure you’re no different) so Foster Farms All Natural Sliced Turkey from Vons (I chose honey roasted & smoked but they also have oven roasted) and organic cheese is what I start with.

FUN lunchtime ideas for kids

Not only does this lunchmeat taste fantastic but it’s free of chemicals, preservatives, nitrates/nitrites, and is lower in sodium as well….which is good for Daddy who’s blood pressure tends to be a bit high. 😉 In the produce section I look for things that are in season. My kids LOVE these little tomatoes so any way I can incorporate them into a fun lunch idea I do! Lettuce is pretty much a staple in our house so I usually have that on hand to work with as well. Now let’s get started!

Fun lunch ideas for kids.

First, make your sandwich as usual with your Foster Farms All Natural Sliced Turkey, cheese, and mayo/mustard if you so desire. Then….get out your cookie cutters!! If you don’t have any you can of course just use a knife, or you can find simple ones like these at your local craft store or online. Push down and create your flower sandwich, and place a piece of lettuce at the bottom for “grass.”

fun lunchtime ideas for kids

Then, take the top piece of bread off your flower sandwich and cut a small hole in the middle, that’s where your cherry tomato will go…..any way to make vegetables fun right??!!

Fun lunch ideas for kids

On to vegetable fun #2……cucumbers! At first my kids weren’t so sure about these. I had to give them something to dip them in for a while, but over time they acquired a taste for them and cucumbers have become a yummy snack (don’t give up, if you’re persistent your kids will learn to like veggies too). I used this to make a stem and leaves for the flower. A small slice of cucumber cut in half and a long slice are all that is needed for this.

Making lunch time fun

The last little addition was a shooting star! I used two slices of cheese for this….the more cheese the better we say. Just use a small star cookie cutter, or use your knife, and create a star. Then, use a few pretzel sticks to make a fun shooting star. If you have a sun shape you could use that too with the pretzels as sun rays!

Fun lunch ideas for kids.

We took this flower lunch to the park last week! Now let me show you one more fun lunch idea for kids that I send to school often (and it’s really simple to do)!

Fun lunch ideas for kids

Make your sandwiches as usual, but use a small circle cookie cutter to make as many cut outs as possible for each sandwich (I can usually get three). Push a slender pretzel stick into one circle sandwich, and then the other to create a cute dumbbell!!

Fun lunch ideas for kids.

I make these pretty often because they are SO easy, and my kids love them (their friends at school think they are pretty cool too)!

Do you have some fun lunch ideas for kids too??!! I am sure you do….I’d love to see them! I’m posting our favorite creation on my Instagram page (thetypical_mom) and you should too! Not only would I love to see them, but Foster Farms is giving away $4,000 or a trip for two to Napa Valley luxury hotel to the grand prize winner of its “Don’t Call Me Basic” turkey sandwich contest.

Here is how you enter:

  1. Create a turkey sandwich usingFoster Farms All Natural Sliced Turkeylunchmeat and other creative ingredients (here’s a $1 off coupon for the sliced turkey).
    2. Post a photo of your sandwich to Instagram.
    3. In the caption include the list of ingredients you used and tag @FosterFarms as well as the hashtag #DontCallMeBasic.
    4. Make sure your Instagram profile is set to public.
    5. You can also email your entry to if you don’t have an Instagram account.

Nitty Gritty – “Don’t Call Me Basic” contest will last the month of August 2015, open to all U.S. residents over the age of 18, and the winner will be announced in early September. For more details, rules and regulations visit their site here.

Fun lunchtime ideas for kids. Easy things to do to incorporate vegetables into kids' lunches to make it fun.

The rule of thumb in creating fun lunch ideas for kids is to think of foods your kids already love and incorporate a few that they may try if it looks like fun! Adding lots of color (using fruits and vegetables) helps appeal to their senses, and you may be surprised as time goes on…they may ask to snack on those fun “flower petals”! 😉


This is a sponsored post written on behalf of Foster Farms All Natural Turkey Slices.

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