FREE Sea World Tickets for Teachers

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At Sea World San Diego (others will follow) they are now offering a Teacher Appreciation Pass where certified Teachers get a free Sea World pass good for entrance until Dec. 31st, 2016….what a deal!!

This year they are giving CA & AZ Teachers this free pass PLUS 2 free day passes to give to guests too!

Sign up here Free Sea World tickets for Teachers and get your yearly pass for 2017 ….. share the love!


If you have a little one here is a link to get a FREE annual pass to Sea World for your child too , the Preschool Pass!

free sea world pass teachers

One Response to FREE Sea World Tickets for Teachers

  1. I’m sure Sea World is having to give away free passes and tickets. No teacher or parent in their right mind would take their child to a prison for beautiful wild sea life that have been captured and taken from their families (their whale screams can be heard for miles during removal) and then “trained” to do tricks (or food withheld) and swim in circles in a fish tank the size of a goldfish bowl till they mentally crack and turn on a trainer. The whole thing is pathetic and disgusting, but big bucks win out. PLEASE STOP GOING TO SEA WORLDS!

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