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Honest Extended Stay America Review

Extended Stay America review of why it’s a great hotel for families and long stays. Hotel includes a kitchen and amenities like a kitchen and more.

extended stay america

We travel quite a bit as a family for vacations and attending events for work. It is nice to find a hotel that is comfortable for families, when I’m traveling alone, and has a kitchen included so you can cook your own meals! Let me show you what we found when we stayed at Extended Stay America recently. 😉 Special thanks goes out to ESA for sponsoring our visits.

  • We were planning to go to California Adventure in Anaheim. For some extra fun we decided to stay the night before at one of the Extended Stay America hotels.
  • It is always an extra treat for my kids.

We checked in and other than knowing there would be a kitchen I didn’t know much about this chain of hotels. 

Extended Stay America Review

extended stay america

The room was quite large and plenty of room for the 3 of us for this visit at Extended Stay Hotel!

  • It had two desk areas which was great because I always bring work on the go.
  • They have tons of locations throughout the United States so if you’re traveling I’d highly recommend them for families.
  • This hotel brand is a fave because of the kitchen really. It makes it a lot easier to save money to cook your own meals.
extended stay america

Review Extended Stay Hotel

Supplied with all the bells and whistles you’d need for a home away from home, they even have pots and pans + anything else you need. Just call the front desk if you want more utensils, plates, bowls or anything else.

What we do before we check in is find a local grocery store. There we stock up on our favorite cereals, milk, a few frozen meals, and ingredients for spaghetti. That is always a fast and super cheap meal. You just need 2 pots and there you go!

  • Since there’s a microwave it’s easy for kids to make their own breakfast. I either grab some instant oatmeal packets and/or frozen breakfast bowls.
  • Let them pick their favorite snacks for a movie night and seriously everyone will have a great time.
extended stay america

As always they keep the rooms nice and clean. To go above and beyond, that is why they don’t have the items in the cabinets already.

This way hospitality can keep everything clean in their storage areas and doll out what you need at the time.

extended stay america hotel

As afar as appliances, dishes, and utensils go you just call the front desk to ask them for whatever you needed and they brought it quickly.

We only stayed one night so we didn’t need much, but this would be fabulous during our longer week long vacations to save money on food!

extended stay america
extended stay america

Everything is there you need to have a great Extended Stay. I guess that is why it’s called that. 😉

Extended Stay

You can find all of their locations here, and start earning points too with their rewards program. Try them out when you’re planning your next vacation or business trip!

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Monday 14th of August 2023

We stayed one night at the extended stay hotel in Morrow Georgia outside was nice the lady at the front desk is very nice walk in the room first thing I noticed was all the rust on the refrigerator went around to the bed I had ask for a king bed went downstairs told them that I had asked for a king bed she told me they had no king rooms left I told her there was six left when I put in my reservation she said she was sorry but that's all they had that's fine went back upstairs everything was nice bed mattress is very very 100% around 11:00 the music next door begin to play not loud but you could hear it you can hear everybody next door talking laughing around an hour later the sex started could not sleep it lasted most of the night all the way up to 7:30 8:00 that morning horrible night music and engaging in sex all night could not sleep heard everything that was going on my husband and I went on and got up could not sleep anyway begin to pack to leave I decided to help the house keeper I took the sheets off the bed looked down at the mattress cover that was blood on the mattress cover and also looked like semen spots will not stay at that particular Hotel again but you get what you pay for.


Sunday 26th of February 2023

You're getting paid by Blackstone to write up a positive review. It's a horrible place to stay.

The Typical Mom

Sunday 26th of February 2023

I wasn't paid and wouldn't write anything I didn't agree with, our stay was quite nice.


Monday 20th of February 2023

Easily the greatest there is. As a family, my kids and I are in a housing limbo. The deal is unbeatable, the service is impeccable, and the rooms are spotless.

Alicia F

Saturday 10th of December 2022

Let start with the service here is soooo amazing! I’m here for 3 months. The 3 front desk people are amazing! One name is John. He is amazing! He cooks at late night for us. The food he cook is amazing! Finna try the spinach artichoke dip so I will let you know how that taste but he is great. Definitely need a $3 raise!! The lady in the morning. She was so nice. Checked me in 4 hours early. The black lady for the evening was so nice. She was honest about the back door. Let us know is doesn’t work and took her time to list the wine selection. Definitely should book a hotel here. Great customer service. Great attitude. Great scenery.

Tough times but God has us!

Sunday 13th of March 2022

Absolutely the best.My kids and I are in a transitional phase in a housing situation. Their staff is outstanding, rooms are perfect, and rate is outstanding!

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