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How to Make Edible artwork

How to make edible artwork on cookies. Using special markers with food coloring this is a fun baking activity for kids.

How you can make edible artwork! Use for an art birthday party or just for fun by decorating cakes and cookies with edible ink.

Just the thought of edible artwork is a pretty fun idea if you ask me….and my kids had fun creating their own this weekend. We like baking together and although decorating cookies with frosting and sprinkles is fun, drawing on your cookies and then eating them is a lot more fun! Here is how you make edible artwork on your cakes or cookies.

Edible Ink on Cookies

Fun right! This fun craft for kids would be fun at an art birthday party or just on a lazy day (that’s when we did it).

  1. You can use ready made cookie dough or make your own, we used this sugar cookie recipe.
  2. Then we melted white Wilton chocolate melts and smoothed it on to our cooled cookies and let that harden.
  3. Then we used these edible ink markers to draw designs on our cookies.

We used white chocolate but you can also use it directly on cooled cookies or fondant as well which we haven’t tried yet.

Edible ink for cookie decorating.

You have to be gentle when drawing so it doesn’t dig into the chocolate or your base but it is a pretty fun baking activity to try out with your kids.

If you’re throwing an art party you could have the cookies and fondant or white chocolate already ready on top so they could just sit and design at an “edible art station.”

Edible artwork fun!

Like I said, we love baking together. We are always trying to come up with fun activities in the kitchen and of course we tend to focus on desserts!

If you are looking for more fun baking ideas to try with your kids check out the cute cupcakes like these ladybug cupcakes!

The most adorable ladybug cupcakes ever!!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.