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Easy Easter Garland Decoration Craft

If you’re looking for a cute but easy Easter garland decoration these yarn chicks are the best! Using just a few items from the store you can do it yourself with your kids or students in the classroom. It’s a cheap way to decorate your mantle for Spring time. If you loved our burlap garland you can decorate it for the holidays this way.

Easter Garland Decoration

If you love to decorate for Spring you might be looking for an easy Easter garland decoration you can make that isn’t too expensive or complicated. These yarn chicks are adorable but don’t take a lot of skill to make which is great for kids or you if you have a limited amount of time. (affiliate links present)

Easter Garland

With some feathers and felt you too can put this on your mantel during the holidays too. Save it to use year after year like we do with our others we have made throughout the year.

If you’re a Girl Scout leader this is a fun craft to do with them as well as it isn’t expensive at all and simple enough for smaller hands to do. Easter is a fun time to decorate and hopefully this Spring garland is just what you were looking for. 😉

easter garland decoration 3

Here is a picture of the general steps you will take. Of course there will be variations in feathers so they may look a bit different, and you can choose what size and style google eyes you want to use too.

Twine was used to string all of these chicks together but you could use ribbon as well if that is what you had or all you could find at the store.

Easter Garland Decoration

easter garland decoration 4

How do you make Easter garland

We will explain the steps and items you will need right here. You can skip the eyes, beaks and feathers and keep it as Easter egg garland instead if you wanted.

  1. Cardboard – you can use an empty cereal box, cut open and trace an oval(s) on that
  2. Oval shaped cookie cutter – if you want to be exact about your tracing
  3. Scissors
  4. Yellow yarn
  5. Hot glue gun – you’ll need to help them with this, here’s a cheap one
  6. Jute twine – or ribbon
  7. Orange felt
  8. Google eyes
  9. Feathers – Guinea Plumes is what these are


easter garland decoration 2

Easter Egg Garland

Easter word search pages that is free and printable are here.

Time needed: 20 minutes

Easter Garland

  1. Trace

    Trace an egg shape onto the cardboard and cut out

  2. Wrap

    Wrap yellow yarn around the cardboard, every which way until it is completely covered, tuck the end into the back of the yarn

  3. Glue

    Use a hot glue gun to glue eyes on. Cut out a small piece of orange felt in a diamond shape, folded in half, for beak and glue that on too. Tuck or glue two feathers into the yearn, one on each side. Make as many as you like

  4. Tie

    Measure your twine to go across your mantel + 6″ longer. Add a slip knot to each end. Glue chicks on to the twine with hot glue gun. Hang

If you’re looking for other fun Spring time activities here are a few more

easter bunny word search

Cheap Easter Decoration

Do you have other Easter garland decoration ideas you’ve made that people rave about?? We’d love to see them!

Simple crafts during the holidays are the best. Let us know what occasion you made this for and what yours looks like!

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