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How to Make a Candy Charcuterie Board

How to make a candy charcuterie board for the holidays, a baby shower or birthday! Fun and colorful dessert boards adults and kids love to look at and eat off of. Just one of our popular Charcuterie Board Ideas for Party time!

Candy Charcuterie Board

Let’s say you are a charcuterie board list for your party. Believe me, you will want a savory and sweet one like this candy charcuterie board here. You can change it up to be festive for any holiday you want. They are even great for birthday parties!

Have you ever made your own charcuterie board at home?

It is easy!! Occasionally I have seen these ready made to buy for way too expensive at the store, STOP! You can and should totally make your own because it is totally fun, and way cheaper. Literally once you make one and see the look on your kids’ faces you will want one for every get together. Heck, you could even make one for Super Bowl!

To start with you will need a wooden board. You could use another tray made of plastic or something but wood is prettier and you can use it over and over again. If you have a pizza oven you could even use the big paddle as long as it is cleaned off. Making a few? Use different shapes, sizes and materials to pretty it up even more.

Candy Charcuterie Board Baby Shower

How do you go about eating a charcuterie board?

There are no rules y’all. That is the beauty of these fun boards full of candy or other foods. You need a few small bowls, or you could use ramekins too. I have many of those because I like to make little cakes and those are the perfect size. In each one add something different, that pairs well with your theme.

Mini mason jelly jars are super cute too. Look around your house first. Take account of what you have before going out to buy anything else. Then hit the Dollar Store, they have lots of stuff.

  1. If you know you’re going to make these often, just buy a large board here. There are many beautiful boards online you can find in a variety of shapes and sizes.
  2. For kids for more of a grab and go idea you could use small dixie cups with the candies mixed together, otherwise use small bowls.
  3. Then you want a bunch of different types of candies in the color you’re focusing on.
  4. Even if it isn’t Easter I like using edible grass for the bottom in the colors you want for your party. Totally festive and can be eaten at the end.

I will say that other than the board and grass you can literally find everything at the grocery or Dollar Store. If you are making a Christmas dessert charcuterie board then you’d want red and green sweets to go with. Candy canes are an easy one to spread around, or melt and make into peppermint candy bowls!

You can find perfect Christmas PEEPS many times for the holiday season too. I am sure you have favorite treats that you just have to have every year? Add those so if you have extra Christmas desserts that don’t get eaten you can enjoy them yourself. 😉

Candy Charcuterie Board DIY

Can you make a charcuterie board as a meal?

I mean if you had meat and side dishes all around it then I suppose you could. If you provided what you needed to make sliders let’s say that would be a fun finger food meal idea so in that case you could certainly do that.

How do you make a candy charcuterie board for a baby shower?

Preparing for a boy or girl baby shower, this is perfect!! Literally such a hit when people see it and everyone loves to have little treats over the hours they’re there. To keep things clean you will want little spoons in each container too so people aren’t sticking their hands into each one. Here are a few of our favorite items;

  1. Gum drops
  2. M&Ms come in a variety of colors, you can buy a single color online too
  3. Jelly beans are cheap
  4. Peppermint sticks
  5. Colored marshmallows
  6. Boston baked beans (candy coated peanuts)
  7. Mini jawbreakers
  8. Lemonheads
  9. Lucky Charms marshmallows, you can buy them without the cereal online
  10. Mini Nilla wafers are sweet

Got the idea? Now you can create a candy board of your own for your next occasion!! There are so many board ideas I couldn’t list them all. There isn’t any occasion that shouldn’t be celebrated and this is something even your kids can help you create.

Holiday Candy Charcuterie Board

Can you make a charcuterie board for dessert?

Yes…..I think you get the idea for this here but I have a breakdown of what we have been talking about here. Make one with your older kids and I guarantee the next time around they will want to do it on their own. That means you have less to do and they feel involved, you’re welcome. 😉

Time needed: 20 minutes

Candy Charcuterie Board

  1. Gather

    Get together a large board or tray, small bowls and spoons, tiny candies and cookies.

  2. Arrange

    If using edible Easter grass separate and spread that out on the bottom. Set small bowls in different areas with 1 small serving spoon in each one.

  3. Fill

    Pour small treats into each bowl to fill. Gummy candy, sour candy and mini peanut butter cups are usually faves.

  4. Decorate

    Around the bowls place more themed candy and sweet treats that are in the colors you want around. Use a variety of flavors and textures so they catch the eye.

  5. Serve

    Have small paper plates or cups on the side so people can serve themselves.

Want to incorporate an activity into your get together too?? We have Easter jokes for kids that are printable here that always starts a laugh. You can play board games of course so even adults can get involved, have a scavenger hunt with clues to find hidden treasures…..

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