Do It Yourself Reading Nook

This is my favorite DIY reading area for kids idea!! I love repurposing. To turn something useless into something useful and fantastic is my favorite thing to do, especially if it is for my kids (and when other people love it too that is just a major Bonus)! Take a look at this do it yourself reading nook.

DiY reading reading nook

Do it yourself reading nook

This project began on Craigslist of all places.  You can look for “goodies” that could be turned into masterpieces like this boat that needed a lot of lovin’ or it was going to end up in a fireplace somewhere.  Let your imagination go into full gear. Here’s a thought……………..hmmmm, with this and that maybe a reading area????? It was just $20.00 and just needed a little “work”.

repurposing a boat

Sandpaper and paint can always be found in the garage and with some scraping and sanding (with the kids’ help of course, that is half of the fun) make a smoother surface to paint on. I am sure you have many cans of this or that leftover paint to use to save some money (of course make sure it isn’t too old and it is safe for kids to be around/touching it).

Repurposing activities for kids.

Once that is done it’s time for some cushion, literally! Patio cushions seemed like the most inexpensive and just the right thickness and flexibility for this project so use some on sale similar to the ones below (either a few single chair ones or larger ones connected will do).

diy reading nook

The throw pillows are a mish mosh of several styles, and you can find some on Amazon (affiliate link) so I could create a good mix to make it snuggly and cute!! The buoy was actually found on the beach while out on a stroll with the kids which was just meant to be, but you can get a buoy for under $10 here (affiliate link) too for a cute addition. Presto…..a great reading nook! This DIY reading nook was made by a friend of mine in High School who is a Mother now and wanted to be able to share how easy it is to create something extraordinary out of something ordinary that would normally be thrown away.