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Free Crock Pot Cooking Times Chart

Printable Crock Pot cooking times that tell you how many hours on low vs. high. Great time conversion chart for a slow cooker when you need it done quickly! Chart on how to convert Crockpot times to Instant Pot too.


Ok so it’s no secret that I use my crockpot a lot!! I’m usually a cook it on low all day kinda’ gal. But occasionally I start out late or totally forget and need my meal to cook faster. That’s where this Crock pot cooking times schedule comes in super handy! I know I am not alone in saying that sometimes I don’t remember what I was planning on cooking for dinner until almost lunch. For most recipes just so long as you set your slow cooker on the right setting it should turn out the same as if you were to cook it on low all day. Occasionally that’s a necessity. When you’re done printing these check out all of our easy crockpot recipes too. (affiliate links present)

Crock pot Cooking Times Chart

I really do think there is something said for cooking on low slooooooowly and for me it brings out more flavor in your food. To be honest I don’t use high unless I’m in a rush, it just doesn’t work as well. And don’t use your pressure cooker slow cook function, it doesn’t work as well as old fashioned.

  • I’ve used it when cooking my crockpot chicken soup and it worked great cooking it on high for about 3 hrs instead of 6-8 on low. I will say that slow cookers are really meant for what it says….cooking slow. But don’t stop there!! If you’re wondering how a pressure cooker compares here’s our Instant Pot chicken noodle soup that takes just 3 minutes!

If you do need it to cook quicker though, this slow cooker conversion printable does come in handy!

crockpot conversion time

Crockpot cooking times

If you use your slow cooker as much as we do and are looking for more new ideas check out all the slow cooker recipes here on The Typical Mom.

  • If you’re new to the crockpot world this is my favorite crockpot to use to feed all 5 of us. We’re all about easy and simple, but delicious at the same time! Let us know which is your favorite. 😉

If you’re thinking about transitioning to a pressure cooker here is information about slow cooker vs Instant Pot and how the times are different….and much faster!!

How do you calculate cooking time for a Crock pot?

Typically if on the stove over medium high heat it takes 30 minutes it will take 4-6 hours on low. For every additional half hour you should add 1 more hour on low to get it done to the same tenderness.

Can you leave your Crockpot on all night?

I mean I guess if you need 8-10 hours on low and plan on only sleeping that long you could. There isn’t a lot of times where I would do this but if you were having an early brunch and wanted some shredded beef or something it would make sense to do this and have it ready to go.

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Free Crock Pot Cooking Times Chart

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Lynn Albert

Wednesday 19th of April 2023

I have a question. I stuffed cabbage with meat and raw uncooked rice. I cooked it 1 hr 20 minutes in oven & rice did not get done. Next day I put everything in crock pot and put on high for 2 hours. Will this cook the rice?

The Typical Mom

Wednesday 19th of April 2023

You would have to add liquid, quite a bit, into the mix so I doubt it. I don't know the ratio of how much you would need for that method I always precook the rice.

Pat Wheeler

Tuesday 31st of July 2018

Thank you so much for the slow cooker times chart. It is very helpful when you want to change the cooking time to speed up or slow down the recipe cook time.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.