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Toddler School Lunch Ideas

Several creative toddler school lunch ideas are here. Easy ways to make School lunches fun for your kids using things you have at home.

school lunch ideas

My 3 daughters take lunch to School every day. They are usually pretty content with a sandwich, yogurt, and a drink, but I like to try and change it up a bit sometimes. Especially during the holidays it is fun to come up with creative School lunch ideas that are easy to do but that they will think are fun too ( it’s fun for me to make them as well )! Special thanks goes out to Wet Ones® for sponsoring this post so we could share our ideas with you. (originally published 8/15)

  • Like I said, after making 15 School lunches a week I even get a little bored with the same ol’ two pieces of bread with pb&j or turkey and cheese inside. Why not make it more interesting!

Here is a fun way to make a deconstructed sandwich that your kids can put together themselves at lunchtime, and it REALLY easy to do!

Toddler School Lunch Ideas

All you need for this idea is some cookie cutters. I bought a box that has every shape, letter, symbol, and holiday in it so I can use them year round (inexpensive too, find them at your local craft or baking supply store).

Since the next holiday is Halloween I went with that theme this time.

Lunch ideas

Why do I serve it deconstructed…..well because it is different! Kids love to put things together themselves, so why not let them put their sandwich together.

First I cut out the meat and cheese pieces with a cookie cutter, then use a ghost for the bread (since they are white anyway), and spread a bit of mayo on one side and put those pieces together so the mayo doesn’t get all over everything.

Creative lunch ideas

I put a single travel pack Wet Ones in the container with their sandwich so they are reminded to use it before they touch their food (kills 99.99% of germs and is the perfect size for their lunchbox). Then when they are ready they can pull the two pieces of bread apart, put their meat and cheese in the middle and have a FUN lunch!

Halloween lunch

Swap it out for pb&j another day and just cut out different shapes for the upcoming holiday with your sweet filling inside. These are some creative School lunch ideas that are easy to do and your kids will think they’re “cool!”

  • Easy clean up too with single travel pack Wet Ones® you can throw in their lunch box.
creative school lunch ideas

See how we made edible finger paints here too.


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