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CityPass San Francisco

The CityPass San Francisco offers discount passes for the most popular attractions there you won’t want to miss! Save money on fun with City Pass tickets.

citypass san francisco

Let us share how the CityPass San Francisco discount booklet will save you a ton of money! From trolley rides, to museums, boat cruises and more it’s totally worth it.

We shared here our trip to San Francisco this summer and it was fantastic.

If you’ve never heard of CityPass it is great, and helps you navigate a new city too. This is how it works…. You pay one discount price to experience some of the most popular attractions in that city.

San Francisco is not the only city that offers this, many other cities do as well.

citypass san francisco 2

San Francisco City Pass

These are the discounts you get inside the booklet:

  1. Aquarium of the Bay
  2. Cable car rides (3 full days)
  3. Mini Bus passes (3 full days)
  4. Exploratorium or de Young Museum
  5. Blue and Gold Fleet Bay Cruise boat tour where you can see the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz up close
  6. California Academy of Sciences

Even if you don’t make it to every single attraction the CityPass San Francisco still saves you quite a bit of money overall. We used it for everything except we didn’t have time to visit the California Academy of Sciences.

We chose the Exploratorium since we visited with our children. That is a great hands on children’s museum. The highlights were the boat tour, aquarium and riding the cable cars for sure!

citypass san francisco discount

Since they give you unlimited rides for three straight days, it saves you a bunch on transportation and parking. It is much more convenient to travel that way since this bustling city has very limited parking.

Not only is it convenient but really fun for kids too. You meet such great people on your rides. We met many from different countries which was really fun for our kids. It was fun to hear about how different it is in their world.

citypass san francisco

These discount tickets save you even more if you book your hotel stay with it as well. By buy the booklets at the same time they often times give you another added discount on your total!

I am always looking for the best deals when we are trying to travel for free. If you pay less out of pocket that means fun fun activities for us.

City Pass offer vouchers like these in other cities as well. Atlanta CityPass is popular too, so when you figure out where you want to go be sure to add them to your cart.

We take a long road trip each summer and more if we can find good deals on hotels and attractions. If you are thinking of traveling with your family I highly recommend it. There is no better way to connect and experience things outside of the little world you live in day to day. 😉

Where are you headed to next?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.