Winter Wonderfest at Discovery Cube OC

Have you visited Discovery Cube OC recently?? They always have something new in store throughout the year and during the winter time they bring out snow!! Yes….real snow!! For SoCal kids this is a real treat since it’s rare we ever see snowfall in our neck of the woods. Take a peek of what’s in store when you visit Winter Wonderfest at Discovery Cube OC this year! Special thanks goes out to Discovery Cube for sponsoring this post so we could share our experience with you. 😉


We were lucky enough to visit Discovery Cube OC early in the morning when it was still FFFFRrrrrreeeeezzzzing outside (ok it was like 60 but for those of us who live in SoCal our teeth are chattering). Love it when it is finally chilly enough outside to drag our favorite boots, hats, and mittens out….makes it really feel like Christmas time! It opens to the public from Dec. 19th – Jan. 3rd so mark your calendars.

Discovery Cube OC snow

discovery cute oc

Their favorite part was this huge slide that really moved! They went up and down this over and over again until we hit the snow area.

They had spoons, scoops, and molds to make sculptures. I made an oopsy and forgot their gloves (I would suggest you bring some with you), so when we needed to warm up a bit we headed off to a building station they had nearby. Discovery Cube OC is known for great hands on activities for kids and during Winter Wonderfest they bring a taste of that outside too.

discovery cube

discovery cube winter

Before we headed back inside to see what new exhibits they had the girls did one more turn down the sleds, the LONG slide….and then we checked out the Hot Wheels exhibit that we hadn’t seen yet.

There is always something new at Discovery Cube OC, their schedule is right here, so each time you go there is usually a new exhibit and hands on experience for kids. During the holiday months they have the Hot Wheels and Science of Gingerbread activity stations. From gingerbread house competitions, to build your own gingerbread car, to a scientist who has a kitchen chemistry learning station that is very interactive and gets you into the holiday spirit! Here are a few beauties that some children created and turned into be displayed there.

science of gingerbread

discovery cube oc

We weren’t able to stay and create a gingerbread car but……..they bagged up the pieces so my girls could put their gingerbread derby car together once we got home. 😉 Visit Discovery Cube OC for more info. and upcoming events, and visit my post here about their Bubblefest….that’s a MUST do!


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  1. This experience would just make this Christmas a fun and memorable one for my children! They miss the snowy weather of Utah especially this time of year! Thanks for considering our family 🤗

  2. I would take my 3 boys. I need to get them out of the house everyday or else they would make a sled and slide down our staircase.

  3. I would take my two kids and my husband. My kids Thanksgiving was thrown for a loop when their great grandma who was 94 1/2 years old passed away from a broken hip and had pneumonia. My husband had to medically retire from his job being a police officer because he was in 5 work related car accidents. He has been unemployed for 3 years trying to find a desk job. We are on a tight budget this year for Christmas so this would mean a lot to my kids and husband if we could go. It would bring a lot of joy to their lives after what we have all had to go through. Thank you for offering these free tickets. Peace Love And Joy To All. Merry Christmas.

  4. I would take a few kids that I mentor. They come from the foster care system and would really appreciate this gift.

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