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Valentine Writing Activities

If you are a teacher, you home school or just looking for some Valentine writing activities to do this year with your kids here is a great one! Easy Valentine’s Day creative writing activity for the classroom.

valentine writing activities

Valentine’s Day is fun to celebrate in the classroom, and at home. When I was teaching and this day came around I thought outside of the box on how I could integrate the well known candy hearts into a few Valentine writing activities. The kids loved it! It is cheap + you can make it into a group activity or individual project that will get their creative juices flowing.  (originally published 1/14)

Supplies are writing paper or construction paper, pencils or white crayons, small candy hearts and  glue. I was teaching 2nd grade at the time I came up with this so I used lined paper similar to the one you see here above.

You could easily change it to construction paper with or without lines on it. Y’all could even give them black construction paper with a white crayon to do their sentences with.

Valentine Writing
Valentine Writing

You can incorporate your latest lesson(s) into this project such as the one below. You may be working on quotes, so have them incorporate the saying on the heart into a quote, question, statement or whatever you are working on at the time.

I went so far as having my more advanced students in the class incorporate the heart sayings into a paragraph, making sure it made sense with the phrases they had to work with.

Writing with black construction paper

I would quickly go through the hearts before handing out a pile to each student. The reason I say this is nowadays they have a few that may be inappropriate for younger kids to use in their writing (hot stuff etc….).

It doesn’t take much time, but worth it just to browse through them. Dixie cups are handy to use for this project if you have them on hand.



If you are in the classroom or at home & looking for other ideas like candy free treats. Here is another way to helping kids stay in touch too.

Several Candy Free Valentine Ideas

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Homework doer

Friday 19th of October 2018

This type of creative writing looks great! I believe that parents should show children new types of writing to increase the child's knowledge in different areas. The more your child practices in creative writing, the more it will help to develop children's imagination. Thank you very much for sharing such useful articles!

Vanessa Candle

Friday 19th of October 2018

What a awesome article!

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