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Chocolate Unicorn Poop Bark Recipe

Ok so the whole idea of unicorn poop is all the rage. Quite frankly it makes me laugh every time I see something of the sort. It was about time to make some unicorn poop bark of our own. Here is the recipe for this chocolate treat with a unicorn twist to it.

The cutest unicorn poop bark idea ever!! Easy to make and the perfect chocolate unicorn poop you've seen.

You will need a couple different colors of meltable chocolate. Pick whatever colors you want but the base of this unicorn poop bark will be white. So you will need at least one bag of white Wilton melts. Here’s how we made them and what you’ll want to pick up. (affiliate links present)

Unicorn Dessert

We first started this journey by making unicorn horns. These were yummy, you just melt white chocolate, dip your bugles in, set on some parchment paper and then decorate them to your liking. I use a fork to cover them and lift them out of the chocolate to get rid of excess.

You will use Bungles for the unicorn horn, large candy eyes and sprinkles for embellishments. As for the sprinkles you could really use

Candy unicorn poop barn horns

Unicorn Birthday Party Ideas

I like using Wilton melts for both of these. They come in every color imaginable and melt really easily without any chunks. Leave it white or buy a few different colors and swirl together like you see here for a fun look. You’ll want to make the above horns first so you can place them on your bark as a cute feature.

We just added a free unicorn color by number color book to share with you too. Great when you have kids over.

Unicorn poop bark

Now you will have to work quickly once everything is ready to go. Melt your bag of white chocolate and pour it on to a cookie sheet with parchment paper. Immediately when you take your white chocolate out of the microwave and it is melted put your other bowls with colored chocolates in so they can quickly melt too.

I put the eyes in the white chocolate once it’s spread so they have white surrounding them and don’t get lost in the colors.

Unicorn poop chocolate bark

Once the colored chocolate is done blob it on different spots and then when all the colors are on then use a fork to swish them together and around the eyes. Then place the horns you made near the eyes.

We added a bit of silver sugar around before it hardened. When it is cool just break apart however you wish and serve or put in a clear treat bags with some ribbon and give out at a party.

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