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DreamWorks Trolls TV Show

I got a peek behind the scenes at DreamWorks Trolls TV Show on Netflix and I want to share how special this show is! Trolls the movie is now a series you can enjoy week after week with your favorite characters and humor you love. See what’s in store and how they create this adorable TV show.

Trolls TV Show

Yes it was kind of a dream to be invited to experience DreamWorks Trolls tv show at their studio in California. I got a sneak peek of the upcoming Trolls TV show (that is on very soon!!). Sponsored visit.

Is Trolls a TV Show

Yes!! It is now. We all love Trolls the movie but they were busy working the last few years creating this series on Netflix. I was amazed at how much work went into an animated series.

Here are a few of our favorite characters right??!!

I not only got to “meet them” as you see here but I also heard from the folks who were their voices. Characters from the Trollhunters were there too…now that was fun!

Trolls TV Show 2

Dreamworks Trolls TV Show

Here they are. It was fun to hear “from Poppy” herself. You could tell they all really enjoyed their job. Who wouldn’t right??!!

Trolls The Beat Goes On! is the name of this fun Netflix series created by DreamWorks Animation Studios. The season begins January 19th and is an original series.

We were able to see a few episodes. They were filled with music you wanted to dance to and lots of positive messages…great for kids!

It’s not JUST for kids though. Laughs filled the audience as there are many spots where the show appeals to adult humor as well. They were all really cute!

trolls tv show

Trolls on Netflix

Moving on from a few interviews where we were able to ask questions about the creation of the shows. We were shown just how each character is created and just how much work goes into the animation process.

I had no idea! The Trolls TV show is hand drawn animation which is amazing. Each move, each twitch, each time their hair moves, requires an entirely new drawing.

Really labor intensive process but totally paid off while watching all the excitement in each episode.

There are tons of characters too!

trolls tv show
trolls tv show

Is Trolls Pixar or Disney

Neither one y’all. It is from Dreamworks who makes so many other fabulous shows and movies we all love. We got to see and experience so much while we were at their studio. Next was a treat and totally unexpected. We were able to give our own voice to a character in the show.

It was fun to see how it was done and just how precise you had to be to make it look perfect. I chose to do Branch‘s voice.

trolls tv show

Make sure to tune in on January 19th on Netflix to see the new Trolls TV show too!

It’s a great show for families as there’s humor for little kids all the way to grown ups too. For more information about DreamWorks and the new Trolls TV show on Netflix you can visit their site which is full of Trolls fun!

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