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Tanaka Farms Watermelon Tour

Tanaka Farms watermelon tour and farm in Orange County is great! Visit this organic farm where you can pick strawberries and this big fruit too!


Have you visited Tanaka Farms in Irvine yet??!! If you haven’t it is a really cool experience. All year long they have different events because each new season brings new vegetables and fruits. Take a peek at the Tanaka Farms watermelon tour we took recently. Special thanks to them for sponsoring our visit.

Tanaka Farms Tours

This was SO much fun for the kids, and yummy for all of us. We visited Tanaka Farms a few months earlier to take part in their Cook-Out Tour and pick strawberries there too which was fun.

Watermelon tours are during the summertime and yes everyone gets to take a home a watermelon after tasting fresh vegetables picked right from the farm.

tanaka farms
tanaka farm

Watermelon Picking Farm

Once your tour starts you all hop on to a seat like this that pulled by a tractor…now that’s fun itself!

Along the way they stop and pass out freshly picked and rinsed off veggies like carrots, cilantro, sweet corn on the cob, and tomatoes.

It’s a great way to get your kids to try new things because they’re uber cool picked right out of the ground!

tanaka farms watermelon tour

Then there’s a shaded area where they cut fresh fruits right in front of you and pass them out to taste.

Another opportunity to taste new fruits and veggies like cucumbers, and yellow watermelon at Tanaka Farms!

tanaka farms

Tanaka Farms Watermelon Tour Review

Before you get back into the trailer you get your own watermelon to take home. To find out more about Tanaka Farms tours here but no reservation is necessary.

Just show up for some fun!! If you live in Southern California or Irvine I would highly recommend visiting this organic farm.

They have lots to do, a market that is great and offers fresh baked goods, and is a gorgeous location to spend an afternoon.

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Monday 5th of June 2017

Can you please proofread this and correct it? There are a lot of errors and it makes it very hard to read.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.