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What Moms Really Want, But Don’t Want to Ask For

What moms really want, but don’t want to ask for from others. I’ll scream it from the rooftops for all of us so the secret is out and the guessing can stop!

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Ok, so sometimes we like to keep the men in our lives guessing when it comes to what we really want. We’re strong women who are supposed to be able to do it all right (at least that’s our goal). Asking for anything is a sign of weakness or “doesn’t mean as much” if we just come right out and say it. Ok, I get it. At 41 years old I get that my husband isn’t a mind reader, but it took a lot of time to get here.

What Moms Really Want

I love a great present like the items found here from Stage who generously sponsored this post, I will say something new to wear does make me smile. What else do we want?? What moms really want, but don’t want to ask for is easy to me….because I am one! lol

We are pretty simple really. Give us a great partner, children we love, some financial security, and sprinkle on a bit of self confidence when our bodies change after having kids and we are GOOD! 😉

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Let’s narrow this down to the top 6 things moms really need but don’t want to ask for shall we:

Things Women Want in a Relationship

  • A supportive partner – Whether you are a stay at home mom or have a job you are truly passionate about outside the home you want your spouse (or significant other) to support you in that decision.
    • Not only support your decision, but think you are doing a fantastic job at it (better yet hear him say this to others).
  • Affection – No, we don’t want to ask for this but we need it! From our children, from our other half, and even from our parents (even as adults). Oh how a hug can solve a lot of issues, some you didn’t even know were there.
    • So simple but so important, a mom must for sure (and on a regular basis please).
  • Help – We’re horrible about asking for this! A great gift you can give us when we leave for the afternoon to do a bit of grocery shopping or finally taking some time out for ourselves is to vacuum and do the dishes….seriously.
    • It costs nothing, you will get a huge smile when we return, followed by a sigh of relief and our appreciation for probably an entire week because of it. Yes we think we can do it all, but really we shouldn’t have to. We need a break (and deserve it).
  • A breather – Don’t wait until we’re on the edge and haven’t been without a child attached to our hip for a month to say “why don’t you take the afternoon off and take some time for yourself.” Everyone needs a “reset” of sorts, moms are no different.
    • It benefits everyone when we can step away even for an hour and take care of us (without interruption). To meet with a friend and just laugh, talk about the disaster that happened to us last week at the supermarket.
    • Better yet, give her a day at the best spas around town.
glen ivy spa corona 3

What Women Want from Men

  • To feel beautiful – Yes this includes on the inside and out. Compliments go a long way. Whether they are from our kids or spouse, to hear that “you look pretty today” or even something simple like “you cook my favorite meals” makes us feel appreciated. On the outside we want to feel like we look great too.
    • Yes our bodies change after kids, and no they may never be the same but with a few new pieces in our closet that make us feel great, we can start to get that feeling back. For me it was my skin. It totally changed after daughter #3 and I had to get used to the new me.
    • With new accessories like pretty earrings and a great pair of sunglasses, it gives me a bit more confidence in those areas.
  • To be spoiled every now and then – Yes Mother’s Day is a great time to get your kids together and have them write a nice note expressing why their mom is the best, but for no reason is a great time too. Surprising us with a new purse will make our day!  Even if you find one for a bargain, we will love it even more because you picked it out yourself and thought of us.

Why would he chose this London Fog purse for me amongst all others, well because he knows me well. He knew I didn’t have a brown purse yet. I love separate compartments so I can find things, and a zippered middle pocket would be ideal to store my sunglasses.

the typical mom blog

It’s the thought that counts, the gesture, the memory that will go along with it that we will remember. Give a few of these a whirl this Mother’s Day, or just because on no day in particular.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Stage Stores. The opinions and text are all mine.

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