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Lorena Canals Rugs Review

Take a peek at the washable Lorena Canals rugs offered and the one our family chose to liven up our redecorated living room! Brings new life to every room.

lorena canals rugs

So we moved a few months ago and we are just about done unpacking and hanging all our pictures!! Cheers heard around the house. 😉 The last room that really needed a bit of a revamp was the living room. It was well….brown, brown, and brown. It needed a bit of jazzing up with some color and/or patterns and we found what we needed to bring more life into that room thanks to Lorena Canals who generously sponsored this post so we could share our finds with you.

Lorena Canals Rugs Review

Isn’t this Lorena Canals rug fun??!! If you haven’t heard of this colorful company they sure do have some fun designs to spice up any room in your home.

I chose this zebra like pattern rug with a matching comfy blanket because I thought it went well with our style but they have just about everything for children’s rooms and beyond.

lorena canals

Lorena Canals Living Room Rug

What differentiates this company from the rest…..they have washable rugs!! Total game changer when you have kids right?? Yep….just pop them into your washing machine when there’s a spill and problem solved.

For accessories they have coordinating blankets like you see here, pillows, woven baskets and other cute items to make your redecorated room complete. It’s amazing what a new rug will do to a room to bring it back to life!

If you’re looking to redo a room in your home check out Lorena Canals rugs and accessories and see what would go with your theme! 😉

lorena canals blanket

Washable Living Room Rug

If you are looking for something that is easy to wash this is it. Seriously, they don’t just say it because I really put it to the test. We got a puppy a few months after getting it and oh my was I glad to have a machine washable rug on hand. Just let it hang to dry on the back deck and laid it back down.

They offer all kinds too from lookalike wool rugs, but way more family friendly and small versions that are great in children’s rooms too.

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