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It All Changes When You Turn 40

What happens when you turn 40 my friends! My hair and especially my skin started feeling the years. Here are the results from the Olay 28 Day Challenge I took!

it all changes when you turn 40

This. Is. Me. NO makeup, my hair desperately needs to be redone, my eyes are puffier than they’ve ever been. Yes I am even still breaking out! I’m telling you. It all changes when you turn 40! Sponsored by Olay.

I used to have really thick straight hair, little to no wrinkles, and never bothered with skin creams or lotions. That’s all changed.

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What Changes When You Turn 40

I accepted the fact that I HAD to get my hair colored (unless I wanted to have a lot of grey) every other month or so. I needed good products for my face and under-eyes if I wanted to maintain a youthful look at 40. Period.

This is my before picture once I found what I was going to use…check out my journey thru 28 days of getting my skin back in shape. 😉

I think it’s funny that when we’re younger (like my daughter here) we can’t wait to grow up and look a bit older and more mature. Then when we hit about 40 we want to rewind and look younger. lol. Cycle of life I guess.

the typical mom

What happens when you turn 40

We all want to look a bit younger…have that smooth skin we once did when we were 17 like this right??!! At least for those of us (like me) who aren’t beauty gurus and don’t have a lot of time researching what is best, it’s sometimes a bit difficult to figure out just what to use.

I’ve used Olay products before and they have been around a long time and longevity is always a good thing, so I started there and saw they were having a 28-day challenge to achieve younger-looking skin.

I thought I’d see how well it would work for me. Above is my mid-month picture…

This is what I used, every morning and every night:

  1. Olay Micro Sculpting Cream
  2. Ultimate Eye Cream
olay regenerist review

I have to be honest….I ignored my eyes. Yes, I knew they were showing their age (hello…4-0) but like many of us moms we sometimes neglect ourselves…not anymore!!

I don’t really want to look older than my colleagues, I’d love for them to be surprised when I tell them my age so I realized I needed to focus on myself and that included my skin.

olay eyes

How to take care of your skin after 40

These products can easily be incorporated into my everyday life. That is KEY! I have all of about 5 minutes to spend on my face in the morning and at night (that includes any makeup I wear…which isn’t much).

About 1 minute is all I need to apply both the Olay Micro Sculpting Cream AND Olay Eyes Ultimate Eye Cream….BAM, done.

Here is my progress throughout the Olay 28 Day Challenge:

  1. Top picture is before
  2. Picture below that is around day 14
  3. Picture below is a comparison of before and after on day 28
oil of olay review

Skin care after 40

What do I think about the 28 Day Challenge?? First, it was easy to try. Second, it made my skin incredibly soft and healthy-looking. Third, I feel my under-eyes (which bugged me because of the bit of sagginess and wrinkles) appears smoother and softer to the touch for sure….score!

I am not one who wears a lot of make up so every line shows up if I don’t have great products that help….remember, it all changes when you turn 40. Your hair, your feet (yes they grew when I was pregnant).

My body (stomach’s not as flat as it used to be without exercising), and especially my skin!! Every simple thing I can do to make myself feel better I’m all about….this was one of those.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.