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How to Print Using Freezer Paper

This is how to print using freezer paper so you can customize anything right at home. Create personalized t shirts, wood signs, pillows and more using freezer paper and your printer. Here are step by step instructions of how you can do it too and make gifts everyone will love.

how to print using freezer paper

I know…you’re probably wondering what the heck I am talking about. When you see how to print using freezer paper you’re gonna’ freak out. Using your printer, freezer paper, and a hard surface you can transfer an image on to a piece of cloth or wood! Here is how we did it and a roundup of other clever ways from other bloggers at the bottom of this post! (originally published 9/15, affiliate links present)

Printing with Freezer Paper

Reynolds is the best known name in this category. I would just buy it and not chance it with store brand or something out of the ordinary. Here is step by step directions and pictures showing you how to do it right at home (we used a wood cutting board).

How to print using freezer paper.

How to Print Using Freezer Paper

I’m going to share screenshots so you can follow along as we go here. This is a great Teacher appreciation gift idea.

  • Let me show you how easy it is.
    • The first thing you need to do is find a picture you want on the computer. OR create one in Word.
    • Once you have the image done you need to do a 3D rotation option of 180 degrees on the image. That way when it is put on it goes on the correct direction.
    • If you don’t know how to do that just google the instructions
      • different operating systems and computers are different, just find how to do it on yours. If you have a Mac you can do it in the printing stage by clicking this button.
  • Now get your freezer paper ready ( if you can’t find it locally you can order some freezer paper here) ready.

You want to cut the freezer paper sheets to the same size as a regular printer paper sheet. Use a razor or scissors to do this, if it’s slightly larger it will get clogged.

How to print using freezer paper

How to use freezer paper to transfer images

You need it to be on a harder surface. We are going to use a glue stick and glue the shiny side UP. Now glue it on to a piece of paper.

  • Then you will need to feed your piece of freezer paper into your printer. Feed it thru so that it prints on the  shiny side of the freezer paper. Printing on the wrong side won’t let it transfer on to your piece of fabric.
    • You must use an inkjet printer!
    • A laser printer will not work.
  • Allow the ink to dry now.
How to print using freezer paper

How to print on freezer paper with Inkjet

The print will come out on your freezer paper. Now you need to find a piece of cloth, pillow, t shirt or cutting board similar to what we used. Use whatever you want it to transfer on to.

  • Cut off loose threads on any fabric. Freezer paper should be ready with the design from your ink jet printer on it.
  • Find something hard and flat like a credit card, side of a school type eraser, etc… These will allow you to scrape the image off.

It will come out of your printer looking like this. Yes it is backwards on your paper but that is correct.

freezer paper printing

Scrape from the top to the bottom and every inch of the design. You want it to rub off on to your desired piece all the way.

  • Some say a hot iron transfers it too but I haven’t done that
  • Once you are done you will have a customized piece that you can give away or keep for yourself. 😉
  • It works on wood as well as you can see below, or material like the pillow.
  • You can use the freezer paper design multiple times or until the ink wears out too.

Make sure you get it really scraped off before lifting up your freezer paper. This will ensure all of your wording/picture comes off.

diy crafts

How to Print on Wood

Fun DIY project right. Great to customize a cutting board like this. You could use as a gift or a project for a Boy or Girl scout troop too….just perfect it beforehand.

Inexpensive way to jazz up things and make them customized.

You can have a name printed or later I added flowers around The Typical Mom to embellish it…..use your creativity. 😉

how to print using freezer paper

As for materials I found it harder to do this on cotton, seems to run a bit. I would use something a bit stiffer.

Customizing a plain table runner or piece of material is easy. You can later recover a pillow that isn’t a cotton t-shirt like material works best.

Here is a great video from Easy Sewing for Beginners on how to print on fabric using freezer paper. Great demonstration.

How to print using freezer paper

Here are a few other great ways on how to print using freezer paper from other crafters!

  1. Another blogger from Make the best of things here has apparel uses this to personalize shirts etc..
  2. Little Bit Funky has a great tutorial on making signs using freezer paper to transfer letters and images on wood etc
  3. A Mom’s Take creates custom pillows using a freezer paper technique….this looks really cute!
  4. Country Design Home uses this technique to create a custom look on a piece of furniture.
  5. Pretty Providence uses freezer paper stencils to create custom, and really cute, t shirts customized for everyone.
  6. Whipperberry has a great example of using freezer paper to create customized blankets and more…perfect for a baby shower!
  7. DIY Village creates really cute signs on burlap using the freezer paper transfer technique.
  8. A Spotted Pony transfers pictures on to pillows using freezer paper…love this idea.
  9. Now get your freezer paper ready and get started!!
  10. If you love easy DIY ideas check out our post on how to make burlap garland!

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Linda Duensing

Saturday 10th of October 2020

Do you have this in a printable format. I tried downloading it to Pinterest with no luck. I need to have a copy in front of me so that I do't have to keep referring back to the computer and sometimes having to start all over again.

Thanking in advance for your assistance.

Linda D.


Saturday 11th of July 2020

I read the entire page of instructions Printing using Freezer Paper, and I don’t understand why so many questions. I’ve used Pinterest for years for directions for everything I do, and I wanted to thank you for the best tutorial I’ve ever read you explained everything step by step for using the paper on wood and other’s asked about using it on other surfaces I was wondering about. Instead of asking questions I thought you deserved a Thank You, and I am signing up to follow you. I didn’t read every single question I wanted to tell you about another type of paper I use when I’m working on my dollhouse’s. I hate to sew even using my sewing machine. I was talking to my husband about what I was doing and I had said I wish I could get away with making curtains, quilts, and even doll clothes to hang or put in draws without sewing. The next day he brought home a giant role of industrial type paper towels he had used at work. Those are great and strong enough to use without any type of guidance with other paper. You can also use a strong piece of white Bounty or something as good. You will need to put a little tape or a few dabs of stick glue on the back of the paper used to guide it through your printer. Only use enough to be able to unstick without tearing so you can use the paper towel as material. You do it almost exactly as using freezer paper for transfer except your adding paper to guide it through the printer, I use card stock to guide it with. After I read my directions they are not as good as yours, you might want to rewrite that LOL. If you do it correctly using what ever design you want they really look good.


Tuesday 26th of May 2020

Can freezer paper work with leather

Jo Sutherland

Tuesday 5th of November 2019

I needed a small piece of fabric for a jar quilt and couldn't find what I wanted, so I found an image on my computer and printed my own custom piece of fabric, turned out perfect.


Saturday 24th of November 2018

Has anybody tried to transfer an image on glass? Would love to know if it is possible. Thanks

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