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Where to Find Free Health Screenings

I am a HUGE advocate for preventative screenings! Where to find free health screenings is vital to many people and I found one that is fantastic!

Sam's Club Free Health Screenings every Month!

This weekend I took a trip to Sam’s Club for a free health screening. I heard it took place the 2nd Saturday of every month from 11-3. I wasn’t sure how in depth they would be but I figured I hadn’t had a check up in quite some time, I needed some groceries anyway, and it couldn’t hurt.

Where to Find Free Health Screenings

Many members of my family have high cholesterol and hearing loss. I was a Health Education major in college so I know the importance of early detection.

After picking up a few items and checking out, I meandered over to the hearing aid center. I found several tables with nurses, phlebotomists, and someone else doing a hearing test on another customer. Why not right??!!

Free health screenings each month.

Sams Club Free Health Screenings

The form was simple enough to fill out. You could choose whether you wanted a hearing test in addition to the others as well.

There is hearing loss on both sides of my family so better be safe than sorry I thought. I signed up for that as well.  😉

It didn’t take much longer than 5 minutes for a seat to free up. A nurse explained that she would screen me for a few things starting with my glucose and total cholesterol. Just a pin prick on the finger for those tests.

Where to find free health screenings

Does Sam’s Club do Physicals

Yes they do. I was most interested in my cholesterol since there’s a family history of high cholesterol and I do my best to eat healthy.

In the past a simple prick on the finger didn’t do it and I had to get my blood drawn to get an accurate #. My bad (LDL) and good (HDL) cholesterol levels were checked too.

Good news. What I am doing must be working because my HDL was way up but my overall # was a bit high so now I know I need to kick up the exercise regime! Next was a quick check of my blood pressure, then it was off to the hearing test.

Free health screenings.

Preventive Health Services

It was on to the hearing test. First he used a type of camera to look inside my ears, that was cool! There was a screen right in front of me showing the inside of my ear and ear drum…really cool. All was ok there so it was on to the hearing test in “the booth”.

I am sure you have done this many times in your life. But it is always good to check your hearing as you age. Unfortunately that is something that tends to decline the older we get. He told me that the free hearing tests are offered at any time.

AND you didn’t even need to be a Sam’s Club member to take advantage of that screening which is fantastic!

Where to get free health screenings.

Free Health Screening Events

The last step before leaving was the body fat percentage test…..oh boy. It was really easy to do.

This device measured it just by gripping the handles and pressing start. Staff members game me a paper with all the stats they gathered, and some coupons for a free sample at the optical department.

Relieved that I had myself checked out so quickly and that everything looked good. I just need to increase the # of days I’m exercising. I headed off for the rest of my Saturday on the soccer field with my kids. What a great service Sam’s Club provides, and every month too!

Sam's Club free health screening schedule.

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Lori Pace

Sunday 19th of April 2015

Thank you so much for sharing this important service! #client

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