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Flag Crafts With Egg Cartons

Flag crafts with egg cartons that’s fun for kids and teaches about repurposing. Inexpensive and easy patriotic craft to do in the classroom or at home.

crafts with egg cartons

Whether it is 4th of July or not it is fun to create an American Flag out of anything! Kids love a great crafts with egg cartons like this flag craft because it is typically something they are very familiar with and see it every day at school. There are tons of projects where you can create flags, but for this one we decided to come up with a flag craft using egg cartons! Let us show you how we made it. (originally published 6/15)

Crafts with egg cartons

This is such a fun craft! You don’t need to do it just for the fourth of July but of course it is really fun during that time of the year. It doesn’t take much to create this fun masterpiece, and it is inexpensive to do as well. We love that!

crafts with egg cartons

Repurposing Egg Cartons

First you will need 2 empty egg cartons, a small canvas (we used an 8×10 from Walmart but you could do larger – you can find small canvases here, paints (you can get tempera paints here that are easy to come off hands or at a Teacher supply store).

Small buttons (we found ours at Walmart but you can get small buttons here), and either glue or I used mounting tape found at Walmart ( you can get the same mounting tape here).

Honestly I picked up everything literally in the same aisle at Walmart in the arts and crafts section, but if you don’t have one nearby the links are above. Now just cut 15 pieces off of the egg cartons.

flag craft

Now just cut around each piece in a circle to make it flat and smooth so the ragged pieces are gone.

They don’t need to be perfect. We are doing a child’s art project here, but I would do these first two steps myself instead of having the children do it.

flag craft

NOW…let the kids paint away. Just have them paint 4 blue, 3 white, and 9 red. If you are using a larger canvas then just count out how many of each color you will need beforehand.

flag craft

American Flag Craft

I painted the canvas beforehand and let it dry. You could allow the children to paint it or do it yourself. You could just leave it white but I wanted a pop of yellow.

Once the paint is dry on the egg carton pieces, lay them on there to get the placement just right. Cut pieces of the double sided tape off about this thickness and then cut those pieces in half.

flag craft

Use the tape to put the yellow buttons inside the blue pieces for stars, and each half under each egg carton piece to stick to the canvas so they won’t fall off even if you hand it on the wall.

And it is done….great egg carton craft for kids of all ages!! Look below for another fun edible craft!

crafts with egg cartons

This one is really fun and easy. We love gardening activities for kids.

gardening with kids

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Monday 22nd of June 2015

Love how unique this is! Good way to re-purpose too!

The Typical Mom

Thursday 25th of June 2015


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