Clothes for the Cause Fundraiser



I found an Amazing company and way to fundraise for your school and/or sports team. Everyone has outgrown, unwanted clothing and shoes you are ready to donate. Instead of dropping it off at your local thrift shop why not earn some money for your child’s sports team or school by creating a fundraiser with a company called! Here is how it works:

Easy fundraisers for your sports team or school. Donate used clothing and shoes to earn money!!

If you live on the West Coast you can contact Clothes for the Cause fundraiser here and let them know what organization you are with and what you are wanting to earn money for. Let your friends, family, neighbors, and everyone else know that if they have clothing they would like to donate to your cause that they can bring it to your designated location and time (or you can pick it up), and this company will pay your organization per pound of clothing and shoes that you donate!! Love it!!

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