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How to Organize a Book Swap Party

Organize a book swap party for your kids and get new books for free every few months for your children! It’s a fun way to get together with friends and a way to get your kids to read more because it’s a party. Save some money and have fun with this cute idea.

Book Swap Party

I have done this book swap party twice before and it works out terrific for everyone!! Ok, we all want our kids to read, read, read but we don’t want to spend, spend, spend money on new books. Going to the library is great, but it is nice to actually own a book and know you don’t have to give it back in a few weeks. Also, many times there is a series of books your children are into (and typically their friends are too), yet they may not carry it at the library and who wants to say “no” when your child wants a particular book. (originally published 3/14, affiliate links present)

Organizing a Book Swap Party

Here’s the idea: Talk to your mom friends (typically we befriend people who’s children are our children’s friends let’s be honest) and have them gather all the books their children have read and won’t read again probably. Come up with a day and time that is good for all of you, everyone bring a snack, and get together for a book swap “party”.

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Book Swap Party Ideas

Most children who are in the same grade are reading the same level books. Whether they are leveled like the ones you see above (many are from the hooked on phonics series), or small chapter books, you can group them together if you wish or just spread them all out so all the books can be seen.

Many times we all pick a certain # of books we will all bring (let’s say 10), and everyone leaves with the same # of “new” books that day! If you have younger siblings you can include them by bringing picture books to exchange and let them have an area for those on the side!

If they’re older they probably use the Accelerated Reader levels by color chart at school so you can gage the books as far as that goes and group them together whether they’re “yellow” or “blue”.

book swap party

How to Organize a Book Exchange

My kids LOVE getting “new” books, and I love that it doesn’t cost me anything to get them something “new” every few months. I buy their books at our local Goodwill bookstore too which costs $1.99 per paperback chapter book + they offer a buy 3 get 1 free offer so for $6 I get 4 chapter books and after a month or so we exchange them so they are “new” to someone else.

This way I am only spending maybe $20 a year on “new” books for my kids and they can read ’til their eyes can read no longer. 😉

Book Swap Party

Start your own book swap party today!!

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