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Finding the Best RV Mattress

The best RV mattress you’ll ever try! Make bedtime cozy with an organic soft futon mattress that fits perfectly in your recreational vehicle for traveling.

best rv mattress for back pain

Are you looking for the best RV mattress to make your bed soft and perfect for sleeping while traveling? Well this queen size futon mattress and topper makes bedtime great for us. Let us share our The Futon review with you so you can make an educated choice. (affiliate links present)

The Best RV Mattress

I did not think about the mattresses what we’d get when we bought our first travel trailer this year. Let me tell you, the one in our room was BAD! One night on top of this thin rock hard thing and we could barely walk the next day. I’m not joking. If you’re an RV owner you’ll want to listen up.

RV Queen Size Mattress

In our case the size was a queen, but this type makes other sizes as well so that is not an issue. Typically this is the size to find, unless your rig is really big and you can fit a king. Lucky you!

rv mattresses

Best RV Mattress for Back Pain

We may not be a typical family after all because this year we’re taking off to travel the US with our younger 2! That’s right. We are finally taking the plunge and doing this adventure we had only dreamed of.

That’s why it was so important to have everything just right before we took off on our first adventure this year. 

  • There was NO way we could travel any distance with the bed that existed in there. Thank goodness we found The Futon Shop sooner rather than later because they offer a huge selection, and it fits perfectly.
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You see, my husband has sleep apnea so we need all the help we can get as far as night time is concerned. My first question when we began searching for the best RV mattress was:

Can you use a regular mattress in an RV?

The short answer is yes. Our travel trailer platform fits a traditional queen, others are just slightly off. The only difference if yours fits a short queen RV mattress is 5″ at the end, meaning a traditional size would be 5″ longer and stick off the end just a bit.

A short queen size mattress measures 60″x75″ vs. the traditional 60″x80″. You can order a king size as well as a variety of materials, like latex mattresses and more too.

the best rv mattress

What is the most comfortable RV mattress?

With this you can choose the firmness or how soft you want it to be. Like you can choose a firm lower piece but a softer topper to lay on.

What is the best RV queen mattress?

Great questions!

  1. You want it to be thick as there is no box spring underneath
  2. The ability to customize it to be soft, medium or a firm mattress is ideal so it’s just right for YOU
  3. Made of organic cotton tends to create a softer bed
  4. Having a core of 733 Micro Coils provides optimum support (perfect for my husband with a bad back)
  5. We love a mattress that reduces motion transfer (great for couples)
  6. Something that is hypoallergenic and resistant to both mildew and dust mites is ideal

This is the futon mattress we chose. It has all of these components along with a 15-20 year life expectancy which means you won’t have to replace it for a LONG time. To make it even softer, we added a 2 inch thick mattress topper too!

futon mattress cover

Best RV Mattress Topper

This means the top layer makes it a bit taller. It’s similar to a pillow top mattress with that extra “puff” on the top. 😉 We chose this one because:

  • It’s free from harmful chemicals
  • Provides extra cushioning and ultra soft comfort to your rv mattress
  • Adds additional pressure point relief 

This futon mattress topper goes right on top of the base layer. Then place your mattress pad and fitted sheet over both the topper and the mattress or futon. This will hold the topper in place!

Short Queen Mattress

If you’re looking for high quality comfortable sleeping in your recreational vehicle, this is it! Choose a comfort mattress from their site, with a topper or as is and you can even take it inside and use it for your home too. So get to planning your next vacation, start with this RV camping checklist, get your comfy bed ready and roll!!

best rv mattress topper

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Saturday 6th of February 2021

Justine does the futon mattress come in king

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