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Things to do at Balboa Fun Zone

Balboa Fun Zone in Newport Beach is a fun place for families. There’s the Balboa pier, beach, ride the ferry, and you can rent a boat too.

balboa fun zone

I grew up going to Balboa Fun Zone, it’s such a great place! If you’ve never been it’s a great way to spend a day with your kids. There are rides, boat rentals, arcades, shops, a ferry, and a beach nearby too. (originally published 3/17)

I hadn’t been back for about 20 years and was curious to see how Balboa Island had changed. I also wanted to show my kids this place I went to growing up. 

Balboa Island Fun Zone

There are so many memories for me on Balboa Island. It is still one of the things to do in Southern California we love. Let me show you what they have to offer. Watch this……

Balboa Fun Zone video

Many things remained the same though. The same quaint feel of a beach town where you can drive your car on to a ferry and take it to the other side of the island. Now that is fun!

  • You can walk on to the ferry and take a trip over to spend the day at one of their beautiful beaches too, or just walk around.
balboa beach

Bay Island Fun Zone

The kids first checked out a few of the new things like Discovery Cube‘s Ocean Quest had an area with hands on activities you would see at The Discovery Cube OC (which we have visited over and over again since they love it so).

We had lunch at the Balboa Fun Zone, the kids rode a few of the rides overlooking the water, and then we headed over to look at the shops I remembered.

You can buy clothing, trinkets and of course candy!! There’s a little shop by the boats that has all the “old school” candy you want.

balboa newport beach

Balboa Fun Zone Rides

Then we headed over to Newport Beach boat rentals and went out on the water for an hour. We got a really cute boat that had a shade cover over it to keep us cool.

It slowly took us around the island to see the gorgeous houses that lined the water. We listened to music, talked and had a really nice time together!

I highly recommend renting one, it was the highlight to our day.

newport beach boat rentals

Newport Beach boat rentals

We didn’t make it on to the Balboa ferry this trip but that is really a neat and different experience.

I remembered the ice cream and bananas on a stick when I was a kid there. Sure enough the little shop was still there with the same toppings!

My kids laughed at the thought of ice cream on a stick. But it made for the perfect ending to our day.

the typical mom travel blogger

Balboa Fun Zone Food

There are SO many great things to do in Southern California but Balboa Fun Zone and Discovery Cube OC are just a few of our favorites.

Take a day to enjoy all that they have to offer. It’s a weekend full of fun and activities together!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.