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Baby Registry Must Haves List

Here are some Baby Registry must haves when registering for your shower! From a Mom of 3 I know what you REALLY need to get and what can be left off!

what to register for when having a baby

Being a Mom is tough! Especially the first time around when you first walk into a store like Walmart and are overwhelmed with the large baby section. You don’t know what you REALLY need, that’s why I wanted to share these baby registry must haves! Sponsored by Walmart.

After 3 kids and lots of unused not so great products, I want to tell you what saved my sanity. 

When I had my little love, my 2nd daughter, I knew a bit about what worked and what didn’t.

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Of course every child is different. My second daughter was quite small when she was born. Not necessarily in weight but just really thin (we all wish we had that problem right ladies).

Disney baby gift

Her needs were a bit different from my first child (learned a lot with her). When we were in the hospital she used the diapers that were given to us.

They just didn’t protect her and her clothing from the messes that can happen. Once we got home I sent Daddy out to find something better & Pampers Swaddlers Super Pack is what he got!

  • We still had to use the premie size because she was so little, but never bought anything else after that. They always kept her and her cutie patootie outfits nice and dry!

When I am shopping for friends who are having babies themselves, I make sure to include a pack of diapers. I also add any coupons I can find for Pampers so they can continue to purchase them in the future. 

I honestly think the hardest part of being a first time parent is how sleep deprived you become. It’s hard to even put it into words!

  • They have a great baby registry section on too.
  • With a list of things you should never forget which is really helpful when you’re new to the parenting game!

I hope you enjoy the new transition into Motherhood, it is so rewarding. Hopefully my list of baby registry must haves has help you. This post has been written on behalf of Walmart, all opinions are my own.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.