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What is the 4-H Program

If you’re not familiar with the 4-H program let me tell you how special it is, how it works, and share their new 30 Days of Doing campaign!

4H Program

If you’re unfamiliar with the 4-H program, it began more than 100 years ago. It has become the largest youth organization! They strive to help young people and their families gain skills needed to be proactive forces in their communities. Teachings include developing ideas for a more innovative economy….and much more! 

What is the Main Goal of 4H

4-H revolves around a positive environment where kids get guidance from experienced adults. They are encouraged to take on leadership roles themselves. 4-H programs are in every county and parish in the country. Some come in the form of in-school and after-school programs. They even have camps which I know my girls would just love!

Within the program kids complete hands-on projects in areas like:

  • health
  • science like the bread in a bag experiment we did
  • agriculture 
  • civic engagement

Great focuses for our youth right??!! There’s more, they have a movement and contest going on right now!

four h

What are Some Good 4H Projects

“30 Days of Doing” is what they are calling it, now what does that mean exactly??

In it they want to encourage moms everywhere to inspire their kids to be DOERS through hands-on learning. Programs include volunteering in their local community, and exploring/learning about something new. Mine are always up for something like that as you can see here. 😉

We took part in this movement by visiting a farm and learning about the animals on it. It was even more special because this particular place is owned by their great aunt and uncle. There was a lot of love and learning going on that day. 😉

My girls learned:

  • How to brush a horse properly
  • Properly approach a horse and “give it some love”
  • What cows and horses eat
  • Everything that has to be done every day as far as cleanup is concerned
  • How often animals eat and what happens if you under or over feed them
  • What each piece of farm equipment is used for (seen below)
  • Both of them even got to name a cow!
4h program 2

What do you do in 4H

Living most of their lives in Southern California and moving to a more rural area recently, there was a lot for them to learn. They loved it so much they begged to go back soon. It was a whole different world from what they were used to but something my middle daughter wants to do in the future. Had they not had the opportunity to hear, see, and feel life on a farm they would have never gained a love for it.

That’s what is great about 4-H movement. It exposes children to new things they may have never experienced before but may grow to love. “You never know until you try” I always say.

During the month of September, 4-H program will launch 30 Days of Doing. You can participate in it too. There are tons of things you can do to participate in. Here is the list and a 30 Days of Doing printable for you as well:

4h programs

During these “Days of Doing”, kids will have the opportunity to experience something new. Maybe gain the skills they need to be successful in life, and encourages you to spend some time together as a family. So… your own “To Do” list and join other moms in creating hands-on, fun, skill-building activities for your kids.

Inspired yet to find a 4-H program in your own community and take part in not only the contest but maybe have your kids join the program themselves?

Contact your local 4-H program leader and see how you can get involved!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.