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Where to Find the Best Vacation Properties

This is where to find the best vacation properties! If you’re looking for vacation condos or monthly vacation rentals by owner you will find them all on HomeAway. If you travel with kids renting a home is the best way to go to be comfortable and have all the amenities of home while you’re on vacation!

Vacation Properties

We’re a family of five and travel a lot! We used to stay in hotels and never thought there was any other option until we found vacation properties. What a game changer that was!! Sponsored by HomeAway.

Best Vacation Rental Sites

What’s the hardest thing when you’re away from home and have kids?? I say the expense of always eating out and laundry!! With vacation rental properties like this one here you don’t have to worry about that any longer. Every moms dream! Dream right??!!

Instead of all of you cramped in a hotel room for a week wouldn’t you rather let your kids play in this great backyard and take a dip in the pool (and you in the jacuzzi at night)??!! I thought so……

Vacation Properties
How do You Find Houses for Rent 10

Best Vacation properties

We have shared a few websites like Airbnb here because we love them so much and make our times away from home so much easier.

  1. Create a free account on
  2. Type in the city you plan to visit
  3. Enter the dates you want to go on vacation
  4. Enter any other parameters you want to narrow it down to (price, # of bedrooms etc…)
  5. Scroll thru the rooms, condos, apartments, and/or houses for rent
  6. Request to book your desired location
  7. Done!

Once your date arrives the owner or the person who is managing the vacation property reaches out to you via. email with info. about how to get into the property and any other details.

Vacation Properties
How do You Find Houses for Rent 4

Best Vacation Rentals

We’ve stayed in a condo and this home and both times we were given a code we could use on the front door to let us inside. It is much easier than using a key, and when you leave for the day you just click the lock function and everything is secure until you get back.

Every property is different and depending on how big your family is, or how many people you are meeting there. Larger houses are great for family reunions or bridal shower getaways, would determine the size you’d need.

This vacation rental in Temecula California is just North of San Diego and in the midst of a lot of things to do like wine tasting, hot air balloon rides, and a large casino as well.

How do You Find Houses for Rent 5
How do You Find Houses for Rent 6

Vacation Rental Site for Families

We only have 3 kids but this house in particular was great because in 3 of the rooms were bunk beds.

They had many to choose from and it would be great for more than one family to get together and have the kids bunk together. There were essentially 2 master bedrooms too so you could easily share this residence.

On other stays we rented a condo and it was great mainly because when you rent a house vs. a hotel you have access to a full kitchen and laundry room!

How do You Find Houses for Rent 7

Having the ability to cook at least one meal yourself each day saves a bunch of money and being able to do laundry before you leave and not have a bunch to do when you get home is a game changer for me.

How do You Find Houses for Rent 8

If you’re looking for great vacation properties HomeAway is a fantastic site with a lot to choose from no matter what state you’re visiting.

With more than two million unique properties in 190 countries, HomeAway has something for everyone and every budget.

From 1 bedroom in someone’s house (which is super cheap) to a really large houses you can rent and share with a few families it is totally the way to go if you ask us! Doesn’t this beat the view you’d get in a hotel room??

Vacation Properties

If you decide to stay in this property here is a list of free and cheap things to do in Temecula to keep you busy while you’re there too!

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Sejal Khanna

Thursday 12th of April 2018

We travel a lot too. And Homeaway inventory seems like a dream. I've bookmarked them in case we ever travel ti that part of the world.

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