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The Magic of Friendship with Little Charmers

The magic of friendship with Little Charmers dolls and show found on Nick Jr. Great show with friendship messages and fun doll too.

Little Charmers doll and story

The holidays are upon us and about this time we see some fantastic new dolls and toys with great messages about being kind and the value of friendship come around, we found a great one with a show and doll called Little Charmers! I have three daughters so anything glittery and pink catches their eye on Nick Jr., and this show was no exception. With great messages about being a good friend and person, I even really enjoyed watching the show(s) with them too. Soooooo when the Little Charmers doll arrived at our house they were beyond excited to play with her, let us show you why she is special. 😉

It was after School one day when the box arrived, and after diligently rushing thru their homework in order to get to the fun stuff it was time to open her up!

  • A wand, friend, and another purple pal came inside the package with Hazel from Little Charmers, to join our house full of girls. It was snack time and then off to watch a fun episode.
Little charmers doll

You can find Little Charmers dolls at major retailers, along with several fun plush pets and the magical wand too, their show is on Nick Jr. (love that channel, tons of wholesome shows my kids love). 

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Little Charmers

Like I said, Hazel is a great character in this show that promotes friendship and the importance of treating others kindly….love that as a Mom.  

Of course I always try to instill this in my girls, and not just with friendships outside the home but with one another too. My two youngest 2 are only 19 months apart and so lucky to have one another but sometimes take one another for granted.

  • The Little Charmers show has great lessons about how to speak nicely to your friends and treat them with kindness which are great lessons to hear in a children’s show.
Little Charmers doll and toys.

The two of them love playing pretend, but it’s always more fun when a “new friend” can join in. After the show I caught them under the pool table with their tea set and Hazel from Little Charmers.

Seriously makes me smile every time I look at this picture. There are always so many gift choices when the holidays arrive, but a toy with a great message attached is something I love…..looks like they do too. 😉

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.