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Sea World San Diego at Christmas

If you haven’t visited Sea World San Diego at Christmas you’re missing out. Packed with new seasonal shows and activities you can even find snow in Southern California there.

Christmas at Sea World #christmasatseaworld

We were invited to experience Christmas at Sea World San Diego this year. Let’s just say we were so excited to see what they had in store for the holiday season! Loving anything that has to do with Christmas, let us share this experience with you! Visit sponsored by Sea World San Diego.

When you enter Sea World San Diego during the holidays you immediately know something is different. There’s this big beautiful tree to greet you just before you walk into the park!

Sea World San Diego

Christmas at sea world

We hadn’t been in a while, and found a large new area we hadn’t seen before when we entered their gates. It was pretty impressive and a hands on experience for the kids to touch some new fish.

sea world

Before the shows started we headed over to one of their favorite areas so they could touch some more creatures. Then it was off to see what was new at the Dolphin Island Christmas show. We were in for a real treat there!

Sea World dolphin show
sea world
sea world

Out of sheer luck a gal asked if we would like to be part of the show and of course we did!

The Christmas show was great, had hula dancers, holiday music, and a backdrop perfect for the season.

My girls got to feed dolphins which was a special treat, guess that happens to one lucky family during their shows!

sea world christmas

The sea lion and otter show is always one of our favorites and it had a holiday twist to it too.

The set was all decorated for Christmas. They even had the ball dropping for New Year’s Eve at one part of the show. Super cute! If you’re on Periscope you can see a bit from this show (my handle is thetypicalmom).

In case you haven’t been to Sea World San Diego in a while, it’s great to visit during the Christmas season. All the shows are decorated, include holiday songs, and new things to see….even Shamu!!

sea world

As you walk throughout the park there are lights and holiday music playing everywhere! See a Sea World Christmas video here.

Santa’s Village is set up with reindeer, a village, and you can have an opportunity to have breakfast with Shamu AND Santa.

Look at all the attractions during the holiday season they have here and a rundown of their shows with a holiday twist to them are here too.

Sea World at Christmas lasts from Nov. 21st – Jan. 3rd. You have plenty of time to experience it for yourself.

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