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School Supply Checklist

New school supply checklist for teens, tweens, and elementary school students + a printable so you don’t forget a thing! What’s necessary, what will keep them organized and what’s cool to have!

School Supply Checklist

A new school year can mean lots of things, some good and some a bit stressful. The beginning of each new school year brings an excitement for what is to come, and getting new school supplies is always something all of my girls look forward to. Here’s a printable new school year checklist to help. This post has been sponsored by Five Star® School Supplies. All thoughts and opinions are my own

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New school supplies are always fun to pick out right??!! Especially if yours are starting middle school they are going to need specific items like these.

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Everyone has their own personal style, and each child can express those well with the variety of colors and patterns this brand of School Supplies offers, such as:

  1. College Ruled Filler Paper – with innovative triangular holes that help prevent sheets from being ripped out and lost (the worst I tell you). + Plus, they resist ink bleed for cleaner note taking!
  2. Wide or college Ruled Notebooks – my H.S. student and Jr. High daughter prefer college ruled while their younger sister prefers wide ruled. Both of these products include a 2-pocket, reinforced page divider to avoid tearing. And Neat Sheet perforated pages to make tearing out pages easy. It’s nice to have a selection…they come in a ton of vibrant colors, too (seen below)!
  3. NoteBinder – This product acts like a notebook and works like a binder – it lays completely flat and has sturdy TechLock® rings and pocket dividers that help with organization and paper storage. Available in solid colors and great patterns like you see below..built to last all year so there’s no need to repurchase half way through the year (moms thank you for that).
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New School Supply Checklist

Of course, don’t forget to print your school supply list before you head to the store so you don’t forget anything!

Whether your kids are in public or homeschool it really doesn’t matter, you need supplies. This is what my 11 and 10-year-old daughter’s chose this year……

My “little one” is bold…that is to say she says what is on her mind and loves wild patterns whenever she can get them. Jewelry, accessories, patches on her clothing, anything goes with her so these colors are perfect for her to start the new school year!

five star 2

School Supplies List

I love it……

I love her energy and staying true to herself – no matter what anyone else likes. She stands firm in being unique. 😉 Her older sister, on the other hand, is a bit more conservative.

It’s funny how you can have two daughters so close in age (just 19 months apart) and have them be so very different. I actually love the fact that they are so unique, but nevertheless it still surprises me when they choose things they want to wear and their selection of new school supplies each year.

New School Year supplies

What do I need for Middle School Supplies

Number one for me is making sure they stay organized, and Five Star® helps me out in the process! Folders with pockets and paper with reinforced holes so nothing falls out are key to avoid “I must have lost” moments throughout the week.

Believe me, you’ll thank me later for this suggestion…….

Funny enough this year, they both chose the same backpack and Five Star Flex® Hybrid NoteBinder® pattern, but as for the folder and the notebooks, my new Jr. High student chose plain colors…and took a long time to get them to match the colors on her Five Star Flex. was cute. 😉

five star 1

School Supplies List for 7th Grade

Since she is entering Jr. High, that meant no more “baby paper” (wide ruled) for her, she said. We were able to find every size she needed with college ruled.

With transitioning to different classes this year, I made sure she was equipped with everything she’d need in case she was unable to get to her locker in between classes, so a zipper purse made that possible. Stocked with pencils, pens, erasers, a small pencil sharpener and lip balm for those hot days, she will feel like she’d be set to take on a new endeavor.

I just can’t believe they’re all so grown up, and don’t need help from me preparing for the new year really.

school supply list printable

Best School Supplies for Middle School

They’ve got it down pat and love the new school year as it always brings new opportunities. I’m glad they’re able to share those experiences with one another, too.

Together I know they can be strong and skip the stress of a new school and new friends and head into the new school year with the confidence they need to tackle what’s ahead of them.

Strength not stress…that’s the key! The new school year always brings a bit of stress and anxiety, but at least you can give them the freedom to choose their own supplies that will last them the entire year!

What does your “little one” look forward to when a new school year arrives??

new school year

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