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Medieval Times Buena Park Review

Here’s a peek at a video of Medieval Times Buena Park in action. We will review our experience when my family took a trip there this year. Such a fun place!

Medieval Times Buena Park

We went to Medieval Times Buena Park this weekend and it was a lot of fun. I hadn’t visited this dinner and tournament live action arena since I was in High School. I have to say it was more fun with my own kids! Special thanks to Medieval Times for providing tickets for my family to attend this event so we could share our photos with you.

Buena Park Medieval Times

If you’ve never visited Medieval Times in Buena Park let us give you a sneak peek. 😉

You enter thru a castle, of course. According to how many in your party you are given the best seats available and a hat that will tell you which Knight you’ll be cheering on that night.

Medieval times

We got blue (which was perfect since it is my daughter’s favorite color). Heading in after a quick photograph of our family was taken we were able to look around a bit.

Medieval times

Even before we entered the arena to see the show there was a show going on inside! They called up several people and kids to “knight them” and wish them a Happy Birthday.

Medieval Times Buena Park

The horses we would be watching in a bit were there to see too….gorgeous! There was a falcon there as well that would be used in the show.

There were flags and lots of others things to purchase in the area as we waited to be seated. NOW it was time to enter the arena!

Medieval times

You sit according to the color hat you were given upon entering the castle. You can root for your designated Knight.

The fun begins during and after you are being served a fabulous meal. You get chicken (half of one for each person), a potato, corn on the cob, garlic bread and soup. Oh and a bit later they give you a hot apple dessert too!

Medieval times

There is royalty at one end of the arena and the Knights and their “helpers”. Along with the beautiful horses are in the area below it’s greatfun. The way the seats are placed it is easy to see everything. Even if you are near the top (we were 2nd from the top row and our view wasn’t impeded).

Then…..the battles begin at Medieval Times to see which Knight will win! Watch our video of it here.

This is just a sneak peek of some of the excitement. It’s so much fun it is to cheer on your color. In the end our Knight didn’t win, but he was the runner up.

It really didn’t matter anyway because it was a great experience to share with my kids. This place that holds memories for me as well. To purchase tickets visit Medieval Times’ website here, and there are a few discounted offers below too. Enjoy!

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Shana Gorian

Wednesday 26th of August 2015

Love this place! Went last summer with the family and had a blast.

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