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How to Save Money on Gas

Tips and tricks on how to save money on gas that are easy and free to do. Great tips when you’re planning a road trip and saving money then too!

how to save money on gas

A few years back we looked at our monthly expenses and couldn’t believe how much we were spending in gas! There had to be a way to try and cut down what we were paying at the pump. Well I’m sure many of us are all wondering how to save money on gas right??!! Especially when you are heading out on a road trip, it is nice to try and save every penny. That means more money to spend on more FUN things along the way. (originally published 2/15)

What is the best way to save on gas

The first thing we did 2.5 years ago was sell my Tahoe and bought a Hybrid car. That made an incredible difference!

  • This option isn’t right for everyone as it is small and only holds my children and I (sorry Daddy you’re outta’ luck), but it is a great vehicle to tote the kids back and forth to school, for grocery trips, and if my husband has a meeting that is quite a distance from us.

Still…..we have to have a bigger car so we can go on road trips (there are 5 of us total + all our stuff means we are a Suburban sized vacationing kinda’ family) and so finding a way to save on gas (especially for long road trips) was a goal of mine. This is what I found!!

There are many APPs and websites out right now that compare prices, locate the nearest gas station, and direct you to the one that will save you the most money on gas. Many of the websites and APPs are free to use (or just a few dollars) and will save you a lot more money at the end of the day….or trip for that matter. Here are some great ones!

saving money on gas

Save gas money at the pump

Here are some gas price Apps you should download and use.

  • Fuel Finder – This APP is only a few dollars and will detect your location (will have to turn on your location first), and then when you touch the pin point near you it will display the price per gallon….fabulous!
  • MapQuest gas prices – We are all pretty familiar with MapQuest….now they have taken it a step further by showing you the nearest gas stations on your route and when you hover over the # of the station in question it shows you the price of gas there, love it! This is great when planning a long trip. You could pinpoint the cheaper stations and make plans to stop at certain ones along the way. This will save you money and time!
  • AAA TripTik –  This APP by Triple A locates gas stations along your route as well and shows you gas prices. Many of us have used AAA for years to plan the most efficient route for road and business trips. Now they provide this gas comparison feature plus voice activated directions to your next destination.
  • Gas Buddy – This is a free APP that detects where you are (when you turn your location on) and shows you the nearest gas stations with the price of their gas as well.
  • Fuel My Route – This is a great online site where you put in where you are, your final destination on your road trip, and it pin points the best places to stop along the way that have the cheapest gas. Of course gas prices change slightly from day to day. However, if you do this right before you head out it should save you quite a bit.
  • Waze – Large community based traffic and navigation app where people share where accidents are. If you can avoid traffic and knowing the shortest route you will save $ on gas.
Good Cars for New Drivers

Another great way to save money on gas is to use the rewards program at your grocery store!

  • Most offer $ off gas each fill up for every $100 you spend on groceries
    • Ask where those locations are and try to visit those to save money
    • Keep track at the end of the month and fill up. Many times the points won’t roll over to the next month

Tips for getting better gas mileage in general

  • Check your tire pressure often – affects your gas mileage if under inflated.
  • Use your cruise control – maintaining a steady speed can help get better gas mileage

If you’re headed out on a road trip you might also like my post on keeping the kids busy on road trips here, and to save more money here are thrift store shopping tips!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.