St. Patrick’s Day Treat Cups

It is fun to do a craft or a treat, or both in this case, for St. Patrick’s Day! When it can be done by all ages it’s great so everyone can participate, this is a fun one. Get your favorite snacks and treats together and make these St. Patrick’s Day Treat Cups together at home or for a project at School! I have many other fun rainbow crafts and green fun below too so you can find several St. Patrick’s day crafts and activities to enjoy here. Let us know which one is your favorite! (affiliate links present)

st. patricks day craft

Isn’t this a cute St. Patrick’s Day craft! You will need a few items to make these leprechaun hats filled with snacks and treats, and you may need to help a bit just with the tracking and using the hot glue gun but the kids can take it from there. This is what you need to make these.

St. Patrick’s Day Treat Cups

  1. Green paper cups
  2. 1 green foam sheet (multi colored foam pack here)
  3. 1 black foam sheet
  4. 1 gold glitter foam sheet
  5. Shamrock shaped glitter foam
  6. Stickers
  7. Shamrock cookie cutter or stencil
  8. Hot glue gun and scissors

st patricks day craft

Here are the steps you take to make these leprechaun hats:

  1. Cut a circle out of green foam, larger than the cup and glue gun it to the bottom of the cup
  2. Cut a black strip of foam to fit around the cup
  3. Cut a square out of gold for the front of the hat buckle
  4. Use the cookie cutter to trace a shamrock on the green foam sheet and cut, or us already cut pieces
  5. Use a shamrock foam piece for some of the cups
  6. Use stickers wherever
  7. Fill with treats

If you love these St. Patrick’s Day treat cups you will love this roundup full of other rainbow crafts and activities!

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