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If you’re looking for easy CrockPot Express recipes we have a bunch and are adding new ones of our own and our favorite blogger’s recipes every day!! Being able to cook in a Crockpot has always been amazing, but recently, they’ve upped their game.

Pressure Cooker Recipes

If you’ve yet to cook with the Crockpot Express crock multi-use programmable pot, you are in for a treat.

Not only does it take place of several appliances that you may be storing in your kitchen, it cuts down the cooking time dramatically for ALL recipes.  Some cook in just 15 minutes total!

You can slow cook, pressure cook, steam, make rice and homemade yogurt, brown, saute and much more….. all with this one “fancy” appliance.

What are you waiting for?  You can find the Crock Pot Express you see here on my counter and try it out for yourself. This is a must-have for your kitchen!

Crock Pot Express Barbecue Chicken – The cheapest and easiest dinner you’ll ever make in this multi cooker pressure cooker. (photo below)

Crock Pot Express Beer Can Chicken – Oh yes you’ve gotta’ try it.
Minute Chicken Noodle Soup  You’ll have to try this recipe to believe it!  Chicken noodle soup in 7 minutes?!

Just brown saute the meat, add everything else and it’s done in a few minutes.

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First here are some must have Crock Pot Express Accessories!
You can grab a free Crock Pot Express cookbook here as well as a Keto Crockpot Express cookbook to help you in your pressure cooking journey!

crockpot express recipes

Crock Pot Express Barbecue Chicken

This easy 4 ingredient Crock Pot Express barbecue chicken recipe is our favorite healthy dinner! Moist pressure cooker shredded chicken with sauce makes tasty soft tacos that my kids absolutely love. Sweet and a little spicy you can make it with your favorite sauce and it’s done in 20 minutes flat! So I am all …

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