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Unique Baby Shower Ideas

I love helping and/or throwing a party but always keep cost in mind. There are SO many cute and unique baby shower ideas and gifts that aren’t too expensive to create, yet leave a lasting impression in guests minds. Let me show you a few of them!

Ideas on creating a special baby shower to remember, on a budget.

The first thing I think of when planning a baby shower is the gift….of course! Knowing whether the baby will be a girl or boy is very helpful, but you can still create unique baby shower gifts with a gender neutral theme.

This shower was for someone special. We have been friends for about 13 years and met when I was a single Mom and she had yet to be married or have children.

As the years went on we both got married, I was in her wedding, and we later were pregnant at the same time with my 2nd/her 1st, then with my 3rd/her 2nd. It was a very special bond we then shared and continue to share now that we both have 3 children. This shower was for her 4th and final baby……a GIRL!!!

She had 3 boys and neither of us could believe she was finally getting her girl, so this had to be pink, pink, pink and purple all around (bring on the frills)!

Disney Baby baby shower ideas.

My first stop was Walmart. I had an idea to put together a practical yet cute Disney Baby bathtub filled with goodies. They had 2 options, one was Nemo and the other was this cute bathtub.

I had to go with the purple girl one this time! Right next to this aisle had other Disney Baby items I thought she’d like such as a soft learner cup (6 mo. will come before she knows it), a brush/comb combo set.

I had a thought for the filler to make it look like bubbles!

Disney baby items for a baby shower.

Since I was going with the Disney Baby theme I just looked for the little green castle on all the items, and off I went to gather the other things I would need for the baby shower.

I am always trying to think of what the Mom would appreciate during and after their special event.

Of course everyone is different but this friend is sentimental and would love something handmade from everyone, and thought that would make for a fun and interactive activity at the shower….so I picked the items I would need for that activity at Walmart too.

Disney baby gift

Once I got home I used some clear goodie bags I had found in the party aisle and some pink ribbon to wrap the cups and brush I had found. I added them to the “bubbles” (bath sponge puffs) in my tub.

Easy, practical, and cute when it’s on display at the shower ….it was sure to bring a smile to her face. Of course I know her all too well and made sure to include a special card letting her know how happy I was for her as she had always dreamed of having a daughter.

Thru all the years and pregnancies together there was one thing we didn’t have in common, she had all boys and I had all girls….now we would be able to relate on that level too. 😉

Easy and inexpensive ways to throw a baby shower.

The Disney Baby Ariel tub was the centerpiece of the gift table which was great so guests instantly knew where their special item belonged.

I wrapped an empty box with pink wrapping paper and propped it up so it displayed nicely. 😉 The newborn sling was included but I took that out to add to the “cuteness” of the gift & left the two little bath toys as a surprise for her boys to find underneath the puffs.

I thought they would enjoy playing with those while Mommy gave the new baby a bath.

Creative baby shower activities and gifts on a budget.

An activity to make things extra special was next to the gifts! Pick a onesie, some patches and/or fabric paints and design an outfit for the princess herself! Everything was found at Walmart when I found all the Disney Baby items, so it was super easy and inexpensive to put together. A variety of things can be used to create a special outfit.

All you need is an iron for the patches, fabric safe paints, and if you want to include hair bands with special “pretties” to attach you will need a hot glue gun too! A box with notecards and envelopes was on the table too.

This was available for all guests to choose a number (envelopes were labeled), and write a special note to her that she would open on that Birthday…..sentimental Mama would surely love this idea.  

With a little creativity you can create an inexpensive and very memorable day for your family member or friend… was a wonderful event! I can’t wait to see the new addition to their family soon!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.