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Kenny’s Strawberry Farm Temecula

Kenny’s Strawberry Farm Temecula is where you can pick your own strawberries and have a picnic! Right around Fallbrook and great for field trips too. Did you know about Kenny’s strawberry farm Temecula location??!! It is actually right outside the city in Fallbrook. They are open for the season! There’s actually more things than strawberries. You can …

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Picking at Temecula Blueberry Company

Why you should visit Temecula Blueberry Company with your family this season. Temecula blueberry picking is so much fun for everyone. Then enjoy movie night there and buy jams and syrups too. If you have already visited the Temecula strawberry picking site this should be next! Have you ever visited the Temecula Blueberry Company?? It …

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