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Sparkling Cranberry Sangria

Here’s a sparkling cranberry sangria mocktail or cocktail recipe that looks and tastes amazing! Made either way, just like our delicious lime drink, it’s tasty for the holidays and year round. Love a sweet drink, especially when I have people over. It has to look pretty too! Especially during the holidays this sparkling cranberry sangria recipe …

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Cranberry Moscow Mule Mocktail or Cocktail

Enjoy this cranberry Moscow Mule mocktail or cocktail this holiday season! Bubbly and sweet with Christmas colors it’s great for a party and fun for kids. It’s the holidays which means lots of red, green, and getting together with friends! It’s fun to have a new festive drink to serve when you have a party. …

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Chilled Sparkling Apple Cider Non Alcoholic

Chilled sparkling apple cider tastes amazing as a mocktail or a cocktail. Either way it’s a perfect Fall drink for Thanksgiving or Christmas that everyone raves about!! Think copycat Martinellis cider recipe your whole family will love. For a recent brunch I decided to make a chilled sparkling apple cider and it was wonderful. Perfect …

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