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How to Determine When You Need to Take Your Child to the Doctor

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I am a mother to three girls (love them to death). Motherhood comes with a lot of joy and challenges you might say, if you’re a mom you know exactly what I mean by this. From sleepless nights, to teething, to injuries, there is always something you’re worried about. Sometimes you know just what to do (rare), and other times you’d love a manual on how to determine when you need to take your child to the doctor. I know you’ve been there. Your child has a cough, a slight fever, and she has trouble hearing you clearly. Does that mean her ear is stuffy because her nose is stuffed up and a simple antihistamine for a few days will do the trick? Does that mean she’s on her way to developing an ear infection and you better get her an appointment or else you’re going to have a screaming child in pain at two o’clock in the morning? We’d LOVE to know and understand a bit more about what some of these symptoms mean, that is when the symptom tracker on line comes in very handy! Let me explain what I mean by this.


It’s the worst right?? You feel totally helpless and always looking for some sort of answer when your child doesn’t feel well, or something just isn’t right. Moms have great gut instincts. Many times you can just tell that your child is coming down with something even before they suspect they are becoming sick. We just know, and when you feel it you have that “oh no” feeling inside. Is it just a minor cold, are their allergies kicking in because it’s Spring, or is this the time you need to take your child to the doctor. Great questions. Most of the time you’re lost, but there is a great online resource called the symptom checker from YourCareEverywhere that is very helpful! Here’s how it works:

  1. You go to the Symptom Checker on the YourCareEverywhere website (free resource, love that).
  2. You choose either child or adult symptom.s
  3. You click on the area of the body where they are experiencing symptoms using the diagram online (like the head).
  4. From there you click on the specific area they are having a problem (like the ear).
  5. Then you have an array of possible problems like earache, swimmer’s ear, tugging at ear. Choose what the issue is.
  6. Read all about the symptoms and causes of ear aches (for example) to see if that may be the problem.
  7. If those symptoms or causes don’t fit, click on another one to see if those symptoms fit better and may be the correct one.
  8. Once you find one that fits scroll to the bottom, it will say whether you should most likely take them to the doctor, it isn’t contagious and they can return to school, or otherwise.
  9. Very helpful…and you can use it right in the comfort of your own home.

I don’t know about you but I like to be as informed as possible, especially when it comes to my children and their health. Many times I feel like what they have come down with is not serious, but being able to check online and have a resource at my fingertips that is free to use is so very helpful. I grew up with a lot of earaches so I know how very painful they can be. Luckily my girls haven’t had near the issues I did but just last week my daughter who had a cold started saying her ear felt funny. I know how to take a temperature, and a bit of pain medicine always helps initially, but it is nice to be able to see with my own eyes what may have caused it,  if her symptoms align with an earache or not, and whether I should take her to the doctor or not.

Once I’ve determined that yes these are the symptoms that are going to require a visit to the doctor I can rearrange my schedule and make sure we get her in before her pain gets worse, none of us want that! I also don’t want to send her to school if she is contagious or there’s a possibility for it to worsen when she is at school. Now once you are on their site, there are other things you can read up on like keeping your kids healthy and more.

Here are a few other free online resources YourCareEverywhere offers for parents:

If you have a baby and/or toddler they focus on those ages too. I remember those stages and how much harder it was to know whether they were in pain because they didn’t have words to express it. The symptom checker is great for that, but also they focus on topics such as a well baby checkup schedule (prevention is key), well child visit schedule, your child’s first dental visit and more. I remember when I had my first daughter I didn’t have a clue about when I was supposed to do what…this would have been a very helpful resource for me back then!

Whether your child or you are sick or healthy, YourCareEverywhere can help you manage all of your family’s health and wellness needs!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.