10 activities that will bring you back to your childhood

Ahh the good old days, yes I actually say that to myself at my age when I think back to my youth. The days of sleepovers, rotary phones, and drinking out of garden hoses because….well, why not?? Sometimes we forget about the “old fashioned” fun we had as kids when we have children ourselves. Yet, when I think of a few and introduce them to my girls they have just as much fun as I did “way back then”. Here are 10 activities that will bring you back to your childhood too. Let me know what kind of memories are sparked when you read my list…and tell me what I forgot that was special to you. 😉

Remember these things?? They were a bit smaller back then (now they make them in adult sizes). I saw them and this was the hit of Christmas this year! SO simple really, but anything my kids can jump, jump, jump, and bounce, bounce, bounce on is a real hit in their world! Of course there are lots of activities you can do with your kids that are fun, but pricey. I wanted to think back on the things I did at home, with my friends and parents that put a smile on my face and when I do them with my kids it makes everyone giggle. Here’s one…..build a fort!

That’s right, just some chairs, blankets, pillows, and your favorite snack when you were a kid too….Goldfish® to snack on inside. Tell me you didn’t do this too when you were a kid??!! Here’s a list of fun that should bring back memories and you should do with your kids too right NOW!

10 activities that will bring you back to your childhood

  1. Build a fort in the living room
  2. Snack on your favorite Goldfish® crackers
  3. Play tag
  4. Make a spaceship out of an empty refrigerator box
  5. Ride bikes
  6. Play tag
  7. Swing at the park
  8. Jump rope
  9. Color in a coloring book
  10. Play games together like Bingo, printable below!

Tell me these things don’t bring back memories! Doing them now with your kids creates lots of new memories, I bet they will make you smile even bigger now if you try them together.  When you’re done with those go a step further and create a video together….then enter this contest to win $5,000 with it! 😉 Let me know how it goes!

Football Bingo

Whether you’re a football fan or not this Football Bingo is fun to play! It’s that time of year now, and kids have fun with this during get togethers and parties watching your favorite teams…or it’s fun on a lazy weekend too.

Print your Football Bingo printable card here and you will need some foldable Football pillow boxes to hold your Goldfish® crackers which you’ll use as markers….how fun is that??!! If you’re playing with a few people you’ll need a variety of cards so not everyone wins at the same time, here are a few varieties to print out: football bingo card 2, and football bingo printable number 3. For the caller you just need to print 1 extra card, cut out the boxes, put them in a hat or cup and pull one out one at a time and call them out. Here is a blank football bingo cards too if you’d rather draw your own images in.

football bingo

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  1. I used to love riding bikes and coloring! It definitely does bring back memories. I used to color with my kids when they were younger. It was fun.

  2. Great ideas and I love the football bingo. Very creative. I may have to try it with my kids.

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