Slow cooker corned beef brisket

Next month is St.Patrick’s Day and I am all about my slow cooker, so why not figure out how to make a slow cooker corned beef brisket! I make a killer whole chicken in a crockpot so there had to be a way to cook corned beef in the crockpot too. Here is an easy crock pot corn beef and cabbage recipe that you basically throw in and is done 8 hours later!

Making corned beef and cabbage in a slow cooker is SO easy using this recipe!! Throw it in in the morning and it's done by dinner and so tender!

You only need a few things to make corned beef in the crockpot, and you can omit whatever you don’t like….which is my kinda’ recipe. The only musts are a piece of corned beef, cabbage, water, and potatoes. You will need a larger crockpot for this recipe, this is the one I like (aff. link).Here is how you make it.

Slow cooker corned beef recipe.

Corned beef in the crockpot.

Corn beef crock pot recipe

Get 4 potatoes that are about the same size and rather large. Pierce them and place them on the bottom close together so it creates a kind of “stand” for your corned beef (this will make it less mushy on the bottom). Pour 4 cups of water on the potatoes and then place your piece of corned beef on top of your potatoes.

How to cook corned beef in the slow cooker.

Quarter 3-4 other potatoes and place around your corn beef. If you want to add onion, cut carrots or any other vegetable add them now. Pour 1 cup of beer on top (you can omit if you prefer, it just gives it a nice taste). Then sprinkle the packet that came with your piece of meat on top and put your slow cooker on low for about 8 hours. If you want to add cabbage just add that 1 hour before you are set to eat. Put the leaves right on top and close the lid to essentially steam them.

Slow cooker corned beef recipe.

Here is the entire recipe so you can print it out and keep it for next year too. Let me know how it turns out and what you added to your slow cooker!

Slow cooker corned beef brisket
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  • Corned beef & packet
  • 7-8 potatoes
  • 1 c. beer (optional)
  • 4 c. water
  • 1/2 head of cabbage
  • carrots
  • 1/2 onion


  1. Pierce 4 larger potatoes and place on bottom of your slow cooker to act as a "stand". Quarter 3-4 smaller potatoes, carrots, onion, and other add ins and place around larger potatoes. Put corned beef on top of potato "stand", add 4 c. of water and pour 1 c. beer on top of meat. Sprinkle spice packet on corned beef and put on low for 8 hrs. If adding cabbage put leaves on top of corned beef an hour before serving to "steam" inside your crockpot.


Calories: 1308.63 cal
Carbohydrates: 295.72 g
Fat: 1.8 g
Protein: 35.14 g

Here it is…..and yes it is as delicious and moist as it looks here! Seriously this is the best way to cook corned beef and cabbage ever, and you’re not even doing anything other than maybe 10 minutes of prep to get it going in the morning!

The most FABULOUS crockpot corned beef and cabbage recipe ever!! So easy and the tenderest meat ever.

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